Lee Kang-cheol, Starters was Won Sang-hyun and Kim Mi

KT Coach Lee Kang-cheol “Using 5 Starters with Won Sang-hyun and Kim Min Starting From the Exhibition Game”

The KT Wiz professional baseball team, which conducted the first tactical training in Gijang, Busan and then moved to Okinawa Prefecture, Japan to improve their sense of the game through actual matches, returned to Korea on the 6th.

KT Coach Lee Kang-cheol told reporters at Incheon Airport,

“We completed the spring camp well without any injuries.”

He added, “The senior players and young players worked well together, and although the amount of practice was small, the players prepared well ahead of the exhibition game.” 바카라사이트

Manager Lee announced that he would focus on examining three things: the batting order,

the fifth starting pitcher, and the backup infielder in the exhibition game,

which starts on the 9th and runs until the 19th, with each team playing 10 games.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol

First, manager Lee introduced that he would appoint right-handed pitchers Won Sang-hyun and Kim Min,

who throw fastballs at 150 km/h, as the fifth starters in succession.

Won Sang-hyeon is a rookie who joined this year.

Coach Lee said he would test the fifth starter with a mound strategy of putting Kim Min in immediately,

considering the durability of Won Sang-hyeon,

who graduated from Busan High School and just debuted as a professional.

KT selected the first to fourth starters as William Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, Go Young-pyo, and Eom Sang-baek.

The addition of So Hyun-jun, who will return in June after right elbow surgery,

will form a perfect starting lineup.

Manager Lee said, “I have used Mel Rojas Jr. and Kang Baek-ho as number 2 hitters in practice,”

and said he would find the optimal batting order combination in exhibition games.

They are also planning to find a clear top infield backup candidate centered on Oh Yoon-seok, Lee Ho-yeon, Cheon Seong-ho, and Moon Sang-cheol.

Park Young-hyun

Coach Lee finally said, “Son Dong-hyun and Lee Sang-dong are definitely in the sure-win team,”

and is about to finalize the composition of the sure-win team led by closer Park Young-hyun during the exhibition game period.

Park Young-hyun, who returned home without being able to pitch in a single practice game held in Okinawa Prefecture due to rain,

expressed concern about his current lack of sense and condition in practice, saying, “I want to at least try to over-pace.”

At the same time, as a member of the national team led by coach Ryu Joong-il,

he faced off against San Diego Padres slugger Manny Machado,

who is visiting Seoul for the opening game of the MLB regular season,

in an evaluation game and left a unique comment, saying, “I want to hit a home run.”

There was a hint of his desire to compete with Machado,

the leading hitter who dominates the big leagues.

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