Judo Ahn Baul Confirmed to Participate in Paris Olympics

Judo Ahn Baul Confirmed to Participate in Paris Olympics… 3 Consecutive Medal Challenges

Korean Judo Association selects 9 weight classes first… Minjong Kim, Mimi Heo, and Hayun Kim were also selected.

Ahn Baul (Namyangju City Hall), the star of the men’s 66kg judo class in Korean judo,

who won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,

is attempting to win a medal for the third time in a row at the Olympics. 카지노사이트

The Korean Judo Association said on the 6th,

“Based on the results of the first and second national team selection matches,

the International Judo Federation ranking points, and the Performance Improvement Committee evaluation,

we have confirmed the athletes to participate in some weight classes for the Olympics,” and added,

“Nine athletes, including An Baul, were selected first. “He announced.

An Baul is an ace who has been a leading athlete in the men’s 66kg class since the Rio Olympics,

and has achieved significant results in each international competition he participates in.

He showed off his health by overcoming his worst condition and winning a bronze medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last year.

Lee Jun-hwan (Yongin University), a silver medalist at the Hangzhou Asian Games in the men’s 81kg class, also boarded.

Kim Won-jin (Yangpyeong County Office) in the men’s 60kg class will be competing at the Olympics for the third time in a row, following the Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo games.

In the men’s 100kg and over category, Kim Min-jong (Yangpyeong County Office), the heaviest weight class, was selected.

For the women’s national team, Mimi Heo (Gyeongbuk Sports Council),

who quickly emerged as an ace in the 57kg class, and Hayoon Kim (Ansan City Hall),

gold medalist in the over 78kg class at the Hangzhou Asian Games, were selected.

Lee Hye-kyung (Gwangju Transportation Corporation) in the 48kg class,

Yerin Jeong (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall) in the 52kg class,

and Hyunji Yoon (Ansan City Hall) in the 78kg class were also confirmed to participate in the Paris Olympics.

One athlete from each country per weight class can participate in the judo event at the Paris Olympics,

and the athlete must be in the top 17 in the Olympic rankings or meet the requirements for qualifying for each continent.

No athletes have yet secured qualifications for the men’s 73kg, 90kg, and 100kg classes and the women’s 63kg and 70kg classes.

The Korean Judo Association plans to send athletes who meet the qualification requirements in the relevant weight class to the Paris Olympics in the future.

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