Jungnang-gu, municipal park golf course opened on the banks of Jungnangcheon Stream

Jungnang-gu Provincial Park Golf Course opening ceremony

Jungnang-gu, Seoul (District Mayor Ryu Gyeong-gi) announced on the 16th that it held an opening ceremony for the ‘Jungnang-gu Lip Park Golf Course’ on the 15th.

Construction of this park golf course began in September last year and was completed in December, reflecting continued residents’ requests for construction. After a period of facility maintenance and operation preparation, full-scale operation will begin from this day.

It has a total of 9 holes and an area of ​​8,248㎡, and was built on the banks of Jungnangcheon Stream between Wolleung Bridge and Ehwa Bridge.

Reservations can be made starting Monday three weeks prior to use on the Jungnang-gu Facilities Management Corporation website. A minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 people per team can use it. Every Monday is a closed day.

District Mayor Ryu Gyeong-gi said, “We hope that it will be a space where residents can enjoy enjoyable leisure activities and contribute to improving the health of residents,” and added, “We will continue to build various sports facilities and strive to revitalize daily sports.” 섯다

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