Jeju unveils 2024 jerseys: ‘Play fast, dynamic soccer, make fans shout’

Professional soccer team Jeju United has unveiled its new uniforms for the 2024 season.

On Thursday, Jeju unveiled its 2024 season jersey, which was created in close collaboration with official sponsor Wheelacoria. The jerseys reflect Jeju’s new goals of playing fast and dynamic soccer (Speed Up), increasing the volume of fans’ shouts (Volume Up), and stepping up to a bigger stage (Step Up).”

Jeju’s home jersey remains the same orange color scheme. “To express the feeling of speed, we used geometric techniques to express the process of changing from faint orange to deep orange. It also signifies a promise to provide fans with speedy fun through fast soccer and dynamic soccer. In particular, it is in line with the philosophy of Jeju’s new coach, Kim Hak-bum, to play a lot of soccer.”

The home jersey image, which was released on the club’s social media (SNS), was shot using a slow shutter technique to maximize the meaning of “SPEED UP,” which refers to the energy-filled Seogwipo Daily Olle Market, where every day is lively and bustling.

The club continued, “The away jersey expresses the will to play with the support of the fans in the jersey with the goal of increasing the fans’ shouts (VOLUME UP). We used geometric techniques to depict the process of meeting volume with a speaker-shaped pattern. It also represents the strong heartbeat of the fans. Just like the home jersey, it expresses the will to stimulate the heart of the fans by playing fast soccer and dynamic soccer, and to elicit cheers from the fans,” explains Lee.

There are also changes in fabrics and details. The first is the use of Aerosilver mesh spandex, an expensive and functional fabric, according to the club. “The Aerosilver Mesh Spandex fabric has not only the basic functions of a moisture-wicking quick-dryer, but also a 사설 토토사이트 quick-drying function and a strong antibacterial and odor-removing effect. It also has a UV blocking function to keep the body temperature comfortable. In addition, the fabric’s tight texture helps increase energy activity and movement, and maximizes muscle movement and recovery balance.”

In addition, the emblem has been post-finished to give it more dimension and changed to a silicone quality. A comb pattern was also added to enhance the three-dimensional and dynamic expression.

Jeju head coach Kim Hak-beom said, “This uniform is made not only for the convenience of the players but also with unique details. It contains Jeju’s unique will to play fast and dynamic soccer (SPEED UP), increase the fans’ shouts (VOLUME UP), and step up to a bigger stage (STEP UP). In addition, the three-dimensional and dynamic emblem makes the uniforms even more stunning.”

“The design details of the pattern and emblem are quite beautiful, and I am very satisfied with the fabric and comfort. I will try to achieve good results with a good uniform,” added Lim Chae-min.

Finally, according to the club, Jeju’s 2024 season jerseys will go on sale for the first time in the fourth week of this month through pre-booking, and will then be available through online and offline stores.


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