Women’s Handball Samcheok City Hall vs. Seoul Metropolitan Government: Will ‘Woosung Soon’ Repeat 2016 Edition?

2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses in 2016…4 games with 1 goal difference
Gwangmyeong Seo’s first rivalry match of the season on Wednesday evening
Women’s Handball Final match between South Korea and Denmark at the Hellenic Stadium on August 29, 2004 in Athens, Greece, one day before the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games.

The score was 14 – 14 in the first half, 25 – 25 in regulation time, 29 – 29 in the first overtime, 34 – 34 in the second overtime, and the game never ended.

A whopping 19 ties. The two teams had already tied 29-29 in the group stage.
In the end, a penalty shootout (penalty shootout in soccer) decided the medal colors.

Denmark won the gold and South Korea the silver.

At the time, many handballers said, “We need more matches like this in domestic competitions so that spectators will be interested in the sport.”
In 2016, Samcheok City Hall and the Seoul Metropolitan Government proved this to be true in the women’s Korea League.

They met six times in the Korea League, winning two, drawing two and losing two, with all four games decided by one goal.

The two teams met again on October 13 of that year in the national championship final.

It was the “real final” of the 2016 season.

The game went into overtime, with Samcheok City Hall winning by one goal to avenge their Korea League final loss.
Women’s handball “opponents” Seoul Metropolitan Government and Samcheok City Hall will meet for the first time this season. 카지노사이트777

It will be in the first round of the women’s division of the Shinhan Sol (SOL) Pay 2023-2024 Handball H (H) League at Gwangmyeong Citizens’ Gymnasium in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, at 6 p.m. on Nov. 12.
Both teams have a number of former and current national players.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has five players who competed in the World Championship last month, and Samcheok City has four.

Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Kim Won-na and Samcheok City Hall’s Kim On-ah are veterans who have served as national aces.

Park Sae-young of Samcheok City Hall and Jung Jin-hee of Seoul Metropolitan Government are rivals for the starting goalkeeper position.
Seoul Metropolitan Government has a strong offense.

Currently in second place with a 2-1 record and four points, they have scored 84 points and 71 goals in three games, averaging 28 points and 23.6 goals per game.

Most of their offensive players, including Woo Light-na, Yoon Ye-jin, Song Ji-young, and Cho Soo-yeon, are national team members.
On the other hand, Samcheok, which has a 1-1 record, has scored 53 points to 43 in two games, averaging 26.5 points and 21.5 points per game.

As you can see from their record, their defense is good.

The team boasts an iron wall defense centered on pivot Kim Bo-eun.

Coach Lee Kye-cheong’s organization and cohesive play are outstanding.

However, they will miss the services of left-handed shooter Kang Eun-seo, who transferred to Incheon City Hall.
Samcheok will try to win the title for the third consecutive season.

Seoul City Hall has been in the middle to bottom of the table recently, but they’ve emerged as a dark horse this season as they’ve moved away from individual play and gradually refined their organization.

The eyes of handball fans will be on Bulgeum to see who will have the last laugh in the first rivalry match of the season.

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