Its We Need to Escape the 14-Game Losing Streak and the Jeong Kwan-Jang jinx

Pepper Savings Bank, led by coach Joe Tringe, will play against Jeonggwanjang Redsparks in the 4th round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Division at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 11th.

Pepper Savings Bank, which has not won since its 3-2 win against GS Caltex in the second round on November 10 last year

is at the bottom of the league with 14 consecutive losses and 7 points (2 wins, 19 losses).

Pepper Savings Bank is the only team in both the men’s and women’s divisions that did not exceed 10 points.

In the previous match against Heungkuk Life Insurance, they showed a good mood by winning the first set and leading 22-14 in the second set 카지노사이트 백링크

but they were shaken by Kim Yeon-kyung’s sharp serve and gave up the set with a tie, a deuce, and a comeback. The trend continued in the 3rd and 4th sets, and they lost. I had to taste bitterness.

Pepper Savings Bank is in desperate need of its first win of the new year after escaping a 14-game losing streak, but there is bad news on this day. 

Starting libero Oh Ji-young and Asia Quarter middle blocker MJ Phillips (registered name Phillips) will be absent. 토토사이트 백링크

Oh Ji-young, who missed the previous match against Heungkuk Life Insurance due to poor condition, did not accompany the team to Daejeon on this day. 

A Pepper Savings Bank official told MK Sports on the 11th, “I have some back pain, and I think my condition is still bad.”

Phillips was hit in the eye by Reina Tokoku (registered name Reina)’s spike attack in the first set 22-24 against Heungkuk Life Insurance. 

Because it was a strong ball, the ball flew towards her face with no time to dodge. 

Phillips has not been able to step on the court since being replaced by Seo Chae-won. He was seen taking ice baths until the end of the game.

A Pepper Savings Bank official said, “They come to the stadium together, but it doesn’t seem easy to play. 

메이저사이트 백링크

They said it would take four weeks for the swelling to go down.”

As in the previous game, Oh Ji-young’s gap will be filled by Chae Sun-ah and Kim Hae-bin, and Phillips’ gap will be filled by Seo Chae-won.

Pepper Savings Bank has never defeated CheongKwanJang, which it faces on this day. From the 2021-22 season

they faced each other 15 times until the 3rd round of this season, but lost all 15 times. The winning point was only 1 point. If we expand the scope to cup competitions, we have 17 losses out of 17.

Will they be able to successfully turn the atmosphere around despite the departure of key players?

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