There is a Reason why I was Abandoned by Tottenham 8-Minute Commute

 Arnaut Danjuma, who played for Tottenham Hotspur last season, continued his eccentricity at his new team, Everton, and was firmly admired by fans and coaches.

Britain’s The Sun highlighted Danjuma’s antics on the 13th (Korean time), saying, “Everton coach Sean Dyche announced that Danjuma would take a plane to work at the training ground. At this, fans lamented, ‘Sports are over.'”

Spanish Villarreal striker Danjuma tried to go on loan to Everton during last season’s winter transfer window, but changed his mind and joined Tottenham. This season, he is spending his time on loan at Everton without any change of heart. 토토사이트 순위

However, within 6 months, it was firmly recognized by fans and coaches. This is because it was revealed that he can get to the training center, which is an hour’s drive away, and get to work in just 8 minutes by plane.

The Sun said, “Coach Daichi reprimanded Danjuma for flying from Manchester to Liverpool for training. Danjuma is known to commute by plane from Manchester Airport to Liverpool Airport,” and added, “Coach Daichi criticized Danjuma for this behavior. “I think this is too much. We even had a meeting to resolve Danjuma’s bizarre commuting schedule.”

“I spoke to Danjuma and told him that it seemed unreasonable for him to travel back and forth from Manchester Airport to Liverpool Airport to train,” Dyche said.

Coach Daichi then said, “But as you know, players these days…” said Coach Daichi, “Personally, I would recommend using a car, but this is what players do these days,” and added, “Players need to take care of themselves and get enough rest.” It was as if Danjuma had decided to believe that shortening his commute by using an airplane was an effort to recover.

Manchester, where Danjuma lives, and Liverpool, where Everton’s training ground is located, are close together and can be reached in an hour by car. It is widely known that Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk and Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne are neighbors, so many players live nearby and travel between Manchester and Liverpool.

As this fact became known, Everton fans were shocked. According to The Sun, one fan lamented, “A D-grade player flies in to practice every day? Sports are over,” while others asked, “So who is Jae?”, “Is this true?”, “It’s a terrible truth. He responded in disbelief, saying, “It’s a distance that takes less than an hour.”

Danjuma played as a starting striker at Villarreal. He was in good form in the 2021-22 season, scoring 10 goals. In particular, he led the team to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

However, Danjuma, who caused discord within the team early last season and was relegated to being a bench member, signed with Everton through the winter transfer window. He completed his medical test and was ready to become an Everton player, but after receiving a love call from Tottenham, he changed his mind and headed to Tottenham.

The Tottenham loan was a complete failure. He only made 12 appearances for Tottenham, including one as a starter. When he came to Tottenham, he was not the player that manager Antonio Conte wanted at the time, but the player recommended and pushed in by the club. Coach Conte did not give him a single glance, and after he terminated his contract at the end of March last year, Danjuma’s playing time increased somewhat.

Danjuma, who returned to his former team Villarreal, was loaned to Everton again last summer, but is having difficulty making appearances this season.

He has appeared in 12 games so far, but has only played 436 minutes and has often been on the bench since October. Although he is getting a little opportunity due to the injury of main striker Dwight McNeil, he is expected to return to Villarreal at the end of this season, and it is expected that he will not get the opportunity easily as he has caused discord at Villarreal.

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