5 Consecutive Pitches at Age 18′ Controversy a Ban on Pitching was Imposed

Kim Taek-yeon dominated batters with a combination of fastball and slider in high school,

but there are many left-handed hitters who are good at hitting in the pros. 

It is a league that is difficult to endure if you do not have a weapon against left-handed hitters. 

What stands out is that Kim Taek-yeon recognizes this and prepares for it.

I have been watching and referencing the splitter video of Japan’s Yoshinobu Yamamoto (LA Dodgers)

who entered the major league with the highest treatment ever for a pitcher (12 years, $325 million). 카지노사이트 백링크

I really like Yamamoto’s pitching style and wanted to emulate it, so I looked into splitter grips and throwing methods. There is also a splitter grip that Coach Park Jeong-bae taught me during the finishing camp.

He is trying various grips to find the one that suits him best. Taek-yeon Kim said,

The pitch tunnel is important, and it would be good to be able to throw a splitter that moves quickly and then falls like Yamamoto.”

Kim Taek-yeon was confirmed to participate in the first team spring camp early on.

He, who is expected to show his full strength immediately from the bullpen, said, “If I go to the bullpen, I want to finish. 

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It’s meaningful to me, and it’s a position I want to try,” he said.

I also have a desire to be selected.” He also felt the appeal of pitching long innings. 

However, positions should be tailored to the needs of the team,” he said.

The most important thing is health. Taekyeon Kim said, “Even when I go to camp, I will throw at my own pace. 

I try not to overdo it, no matter who is filming the video or the director is watching it,” he said.

My goal is to go through a season without getting sick.” Before that, I want to become a member of the first team’s opening lineup and receive the Rookie of the Year award, which is a goal for any rookie.

I’m not doing this with my eyes on the prize, but I will do it with that goal in mind. 메이저사이트 백링크

Even if he is ranked 1st or 2nd, there is no guarantee that he will do well. “Rather than being conscious of others, I will go with my own goals in mind,” he pledged.

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