Its Lee Jeong-hoo Give Up on Recruiting Yamamoto

There is a prediction that the San Francisco Giants, who spent a large amount of money to recruit Lee Jeong-hoo (25)

may withdraw from the recruitment battle for Yamamoto Yoshinobu (25), who is considered the biggest free agent pitcher.

Susan Slusser, a reporter for the ‘San Francisco Chronicle’, a local media outlet in San Francisco, USA, said on the 14th (Korean time)

San Francisco may move to recruit Blake Snell first rather than catch Yamamoto.”

Yamamoto, who dominated Japanese professional baseball, is considered the biggest free agent pitcher this offseason. 

Although he has not yet made his major league debut, the New York Yankees 먹튀검증사이트

New York Mets, and LA Dodgers are actively courting him, and there are predictions that the total value of his contract will exceed $300 million (about 389.3 billion won).

San Francisco was also one of the teams keeping an eye on Yamamoto

but it has recently been showing signs of falling behind in the competition.

The Dodgers, who signed Shohei Ohtani, have the most advantage, and the Yankees and Mets are also seeking a contract with a large guaranteed amount.

San Francisco, which tried to recruit Ohtani but failed, appears to be following a similar path this time.

Accordingly, it is observed that it may be better to turn to other pitchers rather than Yamamoto, who has fierce competition.

Snell is also a top-tier starting pitcher in the major leagues.

He won the American League Cy Young Award in 2018, and this year he won the National League Cy Young Award.

His durability has been proven as he has played eight full-time seasons since 2016.

s old next season, so he can remain in his prime for several more years. 

Currently, the ransom is around $200 million, so he can be recruited at a lower price than Yamamoto.

In addition, San Francisco appointed coach Bob Melvin as the new coach after the end of this season.

Coach Melvin had experience working with Snell at the helm of the San Diego Padres for two seasons until last year.

“It is significant to recruit Snell, who won the Cy Young Award in both major leagues and played under Melvin, the team’s new manager,” and added

Snell played close to 1,000 innings in eight big league seasons. The best in his 30s.

Level starting pitchers performed well as long as they were not injured,” he said.

He also added, “The Japanese league is a system of starting once a week,” and added

Pitchers of all ages are at risk of injury when they move to the big league.”

In addition, he said, “Snell had a career ERA of 2.59 and a hitting percentage of 0.171 against the Dodgers.

He also showed a strong performance against Arizona, another opponent in the same district.”

As of now, even if the Dodgers, Yankees, and Mets enter the battle to recruit Yamamoto

San Francisco’s chances of winning are not high. 

Accordingly, it seems like a good strategy to start recruiting other pitchers first.

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