A KLPGA Yunna’s Disciplinary Reduction Postponed to Early Next Year

The decision to return to the tour for Yoon Na (20), who was banned from playing on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour due to a delayed report of ‘wrong ball play’, has been postponed until next year.

At the board of directors held on the 14th, the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) discussed whether to reduce the disciplinary action of Yoon Na

who was banned from competing for three years for late reporting for playing with a ball other than her own during the Korea Women’s Open match in June last year. 카지노사이트랭크

However, it was revealed that no conclusion was reached.

KLPGA said, “As a result of in-depth discussion, it was decided that the

Request for Disciplinary Exemption from Regular Member Yoon Ina’ discussed at the board meeting on this day would be discussed again at the next board meeting to be held in early 2024.”

Accordingly, it will be at least a month before we know whether Yoon Ina will return to the tour next year.

During the first round of the Korea Women’s Open held by the Korea Golf Association (KGA) in June last year

Ina Yoon made a ‘wrong ball play’ on the 15th hole, hitting a ball other than the one she hit. 

Her ball landed in deep rough at the time, and in her search, she mistook another ball for hers. 

She could have ended up with a penalty if she had admitted her mistake right away, but she reported it a month late.

Yoon Ina, who reported her delay, received a three-year ban from the KGA in August last year, and a month later

she received the same severe punishment of a three-year ban from the KLPGA.

Yoon Ina, who has spent time in self-reflection and reflection since her suspension

cleared the way for her return to the tour next year when the KGA reduced her ban to one year and six months last September. 

With her disciplinary sentence reduced, Yoon Ina will be able to compete in KGA-organized competitions from February next year onwards.

It was her fans who came forward to ask for her suspension to be reduced. 

Her fans volunteered to sign a petition to save Yoon Ina. 

The fan club submitted approximately 5,000 petitions to the KGA and KLPGA.

KGA reduced her disciplinary period to 1 year and 6 months, saying that Yoon Ina had sufficiently reflected on herself and through her community service activities.

On this day, she expected a similar result from the KLPGA board of directors, but no conclusion was reached.

After her suspension from the KGA, there was a feeling that Yoon Na’s return to the tour would help the KLPGA’s performance.

 Online, there was continued support from fans who were looking forward to Yoon Ina’s return. 

However, the KLPGA board of directors postponed the decision to a later date for more careful judgment.

Yoon Ina, who made her debut last year, attracted attention as a player with star potential

including her exciting long shots and aggressive game management. 

Her popularity was so great that her own fan club was formed within a few months after her debut. 

However, it is said that at the board meeting on this day

there were many objections that disciplinary action should not be relaxed for actions that forgot honest play

the most important principle in golf.

However, as the KLPGA did not dismiss the disciplinary reduction proposal and decided to discuss it again at the next board meeting

the possibility of Yoon Na’s return to the tour is still open. 

If the next board of directors decides to reduce the disciplinary action

Yoon Ina can return to the tour starting from the domestic opening game in April of the 2024 season.

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