‘Shocked’ Man Utd departure De Gea says he may hang up his boots…”Retire if not offered”

[Interfootball] Ji-won Park=David De Gea’s (32) retirement has been raised as a possibility.

Britain’s ‘The Guardian’ reported on Feb. 22 (KST), “De Gea could retire if he does not receive an offer from a major club to become their number one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper, who has represented Manchester United and the Spanish national team, has rejected offers from several clubs, including Saudi Arabia, because money was not his main motivation,” The Guardian reported.

“De Gea is keeping himself fit in order to attract offers from major clubs and managers who see him as a first-choice player. Having left United in the summer and turning 33 in November, he wants to play for a club where he can compete for honors.” 카지노사이트777

Finally, “De Gea is disappointed with the way United have handled his departure after his contract expired. He was the club’s highest paid player and was offered a new deal with a reduced weekly wage. However, discussions broke down in July and he was unable to say goodbye in front of the supporters.”

De Gea first donned the United shirt in the summer of 2011, succeeding Edwin van der Sar, and after a period of adjustment, he became one of the Premier League’s (PL) most decorated players. Two PL Golden Gloves (2017-18 and 2022-23) and five Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) Team of the Year honors (2012-13, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) speak for themselves.

However, De Gea’s form began to decline in 2019. His goalkeeping, which used to compensate for his poor footwork, deteriorated, and as he made more mistakes, the level of criticism increased. Eventually, he became a free agent at the end of the 2022-23 season without a new contract. The Red Devils embraced Andre Onana as De Gea’s replacement.

As a wild man, De Gea received offers from multiple clubs. Al Nasr, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid were among them. Munich and Real were the two clubs that De Gea would have wanted to join, but they were ultimately rejected by Thomas Tuchel and Carlo Ancelotti.

Without an offer from a major club, De Gea will spend the 2023-24 season without a club. He”ll have to build his body through individual training instead of team training.

According to The Guardian, De Gea will consider retirement if he doesn’t receive an offer from a major club to be their number one goalkeeper. If he doesn”t find a team by January, he”ll likely hang up his cleats.

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