As a result of analyzing the 'pass and attack data' accumulated up to the 25th round of the K League 1 by the Korea Professional Football Federation this season, it was found that Ulsan Hyundai's secret to leading the team came from 'complete build-up 카지노사이트 footballThe Pro League held a weekly briefing for the 2nd week of August at the Soccer Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 8th and released 'July packing (pass) index top 5 and activity data top 5According to the data, Ulsan players swept the top ranks in various indicators of 'pass and attack dataUlsan recorded 57 points until the 25th round of the K-League 1, leading the second place Pohang Steelers (45 points) by 12 points, firmly maintaining its sole leadThe area where Ulsan players such as Kim Young-kwon, Seol Young-woo, Lee Myung-jae, Lee Kyu-seong, and Bako stood out the most was pass dataIn the 'total number of successful passes', Kim Joo-seong (Seoul) took first place with 1,930, while Ulsan's Seol Youngwoo(1,155) and Kim Young-kwon (1,465) ranked second and fourth, respectively.In terms of more detailed indicators, the number of successful passes in the attacking area and central area, Ulsan players are in a monopoly'Attack area pass' refers to a pass that started in the forward ⅓ area when the field was divided into thirds, and in the number of successes, Seol Young-woo (450 times), Bako (332 times), Lee Kyu-seong (275times), and Lee Myeong-jae (271 times) were the most successful. Ranked 1st through 4thKim Young-kwon also ranked 4th in the number of successful passes in the central region (passes that started in the central region)Kim Young-kwon also took first place with 792 successful 'forward passes' (passes within the range of 60 degrees forward), second in the number of successful 'long-distance passes' (over 30m) (145 successes), and 'middle-distance passes'. '(Less than 15 to 30m) The number of successes (687) stood out in third placeSeol Young-woo (1,09) and Lee Kyu-seong (887) occupied the 1st and 2nd places in the number of successful short-distance passes (less than 15m), and Lee Myung-jae, who succeeded in 37 passes in the cross section, ranked 5th.The Pro League said, "Ulsan's number of successful passes up to round 25 was 12,274, ranking first in the K League 1 overall. The average of 12 K League 1 teams was 10,99. Unlike Daegu (5,937), It's more than twice the difference," he said“Ulsan players are listed in the top 5 of all pass-related data.” It means to play high-quality build-up soccer based on accurate passes,” he emphasizedIn addition, Ulsan's goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo also ran first in thenumberofsuccessful goal kicks (the situation where the goal kick was connected to a player on his side) with 149 timesThis proves that the build-up begins with a short pass from the goalkeeper to the defenders.In FC Seoul, Kim Joo-seong, Osmar, and Ki Sung-yueng ranked 3rd to 5th in short-distance pass success rate, Ki Sung-yueng ranked 1st in long-distance pass success rate, Lee Han-beom ranked 3rd in forward pass success rate, and Na Sang-ho successful key pass (last pass leading to shooting). It is analyzed that they are seeing the effect of build-up soccer as much as Ulsan, such as climbing to 5th placeOn the other hand, Ju Min-gyu (Ulsan) ranked first with 8.34 (46 shots, 10 points) in the expected score (xG, probability that a specific player's shot will lead to a goal, excluding penalty kicks) until the 25th roundJoo Min-gyu is tied for first place with Bako and Na Sang-ho with 11 goals until the 25th roundBarco had a cumulative xG of 6.45 until the 25th round, but he scored 10 goals excluding penalty kicks and was selected as the 'player with the highest actual score compared to expected score'.In addition, the player who recorded the most activity in the 20th to 24th round 5 games held in July was Kangwon FC's veteran defensive midfielder Han Young-young, who covered a whopping 62.98km. She ran 5 km more than Jeong Ho-yeon (57.98 km) of Gwangju, who took second placePohang’s defensive midfielder Oberdan ranked first in activity fortwoconsecutive months in April (71.68km in 6 games) 카지노사이트 and May (58.99km in 5 games), and in June (44.58km in 4 games) and July (5 games, 55.55 km), he showed off his steel stamina by placing 5th in eachOberdan is the only K-League 1 field player to record appearances in all games and all-time.

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