During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, track and field athlete Kristina Cimanowskaya (26), who refused to enter Belarus and defected, qualified for the Polish national teamThe World Athletics Federation announced on the 7th (local time) through the player introduction section of Chimanowskaya, "Czymanowskaya, who represented Belarus, can compete for the Polish national team from August 6 according to federation regulationsChimanowskaya fled to Poland in August 2021 and acquired Polish citizenship on August 31 last yearThe World Athletics Federation said, “Athletes who have represented acountryininter national competitions can only represent their new country after three years of naturalization. there is," he said.However, the ban period for international competitions is flexibly applied to players who have defected due to political persecutionChimanowskaya qualified for the Polish national team two years after exile and one year after obtaining citizenshipOn the 7th, he wrote 카지노사이트킹 on social network service (SNS), “I have been given a great opportunity,” and “I feel complicated emotions because so many things have happened all of a sudden. I am very happy (by winning the Polish national team)Although qualified to represent Poland, it is still unknown if Chimanowskaya will compete at the 2023 World Championships in Athletics in Budapest, which starts on 19 AugustFirst of all, it is impossible to compete in individual eventsThe women's 100m record at the Budapest World Championships is11.08seconds, and the 200m record is 22.60 seconds. During the record recognition period, Chimanovskaya failed to pass the standard record in both events, and her ranking points were significantly loweredUnless the Polish Athletics Federation adds Chimanowskaya as a relay member, she will not be seen at the World ChampionshipsThe Associated Press said the Polish Athletics Federation did not respond to questions about Chimanowskaya .Chimanowskaya participated in the Tokyo Olympics as a Belarusian athletics representative in 2021, but instead of returning to Belarus, she chose exile in PolandIt started when an official from the national team instructed Chimanovskaya, whose main event is the 100m and 200m, "to compete in the 1,600m relayIn response, Chimanovskaya posted an article on social media criticizing officials of the Belarusian athletics teamBelarus has decided to force Chimanovskaya to enter the country"Everything was decided suddenly," Chimanovskaya recalled. "I was notified to enter the country and left the athletes' village in 40 minutes," recalledHe had already received a message from his grandmother in Belarus telling him to "never come back hereChimanowskaya showed off her wits after arriving at Haneda Airport in JapanThere was a Belarusian official right next to me, but I asked the Japanese police at the airport to 'get away from them' using a mobile phone translatorWith the help of the JapanesepoliceChimanowskaya arrived in Poland via Vienna, AustriaAfter the Tokyo Olympics, Chimanovskaya did not compete in international competitions for about two years.

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