Kim Gil-soo “Establishment of Sangdong Baseball College as a springboard for affiliation in Tokyo”

“After the establishment of Sangdong, the world’s first baseball school, we are planning to affiliate baseball schools in Tokyo.”

As Yeongwol Sangdong High School, which is in danger of closing down amid the depopulation crisis in the abandoned mining area, promotes the conversion of the country’s first public baseball school, Kim Gil-soo, president of the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Baseball and Softball Association, revealed plans for the affiliation of baseball schools in the province.

While the Yeongwol Sangdong Baseball High School Establishment Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Committee) and the Gangwon Minjoo Ilbo recently signed a business agreement at the Gangwon Minjoo Ilbo’s small conference room, Chairman Kim said this in an interview with this newspaper on the 8th.

“The conversion of Sangdong High School into a baseball specialized school did not happen overnight,” Kim said, explaining, “Three years ago, city and county sports officials and baseball officials gathered to talk about establishing a baseball specialized school at a paper presentation held by the Gangwon Provincial Sports Association.” Based on this, the officials of the Provincial Baseball and Softball Association, who had steadily built up expertise in the establishment of a baseball specialized school, joined forces with the promotion committee as the residents of Sangdong became more eager to prevent the closure of Sangdong High School.

Kim cited funding as the most urgent need to establish a specialized baseball school in Sangdong. Yeongwol has received about 14 billion won in abandoned mine funds over 20 years, Kim said. “As the region is not growing despite investing more than 280 billion won, the establishment of a baseball specialized school will help overcome the crisis of regional extinction,” he said. “The military and military lawmakers fully agreed and said they would actively help.”

The provincial baseball and softball association plans to cooperate with the provincial education department and the provincial sports association to establish a specialized baseball school in Sangdong.

Chairman Kim said, “Sangdong has poor conditions such as dormitories and sports facilities. Like the smart air dome soccer field in Gyeongju, Yeongwol needs an air dome stadium. “In order to solve these problems, our association, the provincial education department, and the provincial sports association must work together, and as a result of our request to the provincial superintendent of education, Shin Neung-ho, and the chairman of the provincial sports association, Yang Hee-gu, we decided to work together.”

Kim expressed his intention to affiliate baseball schools in the province, starting with the establishment of the Sangdong Baseball College.

He said, “It costs 100 million won a year to go abroad for soccer training in Korea. But if there is a baseball school in Korea, and in our province for the first time in the world, international students can come here for education. In fact, there are many people in China who want to study in Korea,” he said. “If some universities in the province are also converted into baseball schools, it will be a good opportunity for middle and high school students to learn more about baseball administration and leadership, not just players.” 안전카지노사이트

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