“EPL Scoring King” Son Heung-min and “Smile Jumper” Woo Sang-hyuk…historical stars

In 2022, there were a lot of historic records in the sports world of sports.

Reporter Hong Seok-joon will organize stars who opened a new chapter in Korean sports this year, including Son Heung-min of soccer and Woo Sang-hyuk of track and field.

In the history of Korean sports, 2022 can be called the Year of Record Manufacturing.

Son Heung-min, who plays for Tottenham, became the joint top scorer of the English Premier League, not only in Korea but also throughout Asia.

Son Heung-min, who scored 23 goals in the league last season, lifted the “golden boot” given to the top scorer for the first time as an Asian player in May this year.

<Son Heung-min/Tottenham Hotspur (last May)> “All the team members said, ‘Sonnie, you can do it. “You deserve it.” Thank you so much. It seems to have been a great stimulus to me, too.”

“World Cup star” Cho Kyu-sung became the first Korean player to score multiple goals in a World Cup match by scoring consecutive header goals against Ghana.

World class athletes were also born in barren land and swimming.

“Smile Jumper” Woo Sang-hyuk consistently broke his personal best, winning the first Korean silver medal in the high jump at the World Championships in Athletics in July,

<Woo Sang-hyuk/National Team for High Jump (last July)> “I always think I can run 2m40… There are players who can’t challenge for the rest of their lives. I think I’m very lucky. There’s also a chance to try.”

“New Marine Boy” Hwang Sun-woo gave hope to Korean swimming by winning medals in both the long and short course world championships and breaking Asian records.

In professional baseball, Lee Jung-hoo won five gold medals in batting and set a record as a “rich MVP” following last year’s “rich batting king.”

<Lee Jung-hoo/Kium (last month)> “I’ve lived as my father’s son, and today, I’m going to live my baseball life well under my name.” I hope my father lives well with his mother…”

“Golf Divinity” Kim Joo-hyung made a splash by winning two PGA Tour titles earlier than “Golf Emperor” Tiger Woods.


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