Ansan, Gold Medal in Women’s Archery Individual Event…It’s our first triple crown

Ansan, Gold Medal in Women’s Archery Individual Event…It’s our first triple crown

South Korea’s women’s archery team Ansan won three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.It is also the first three gold medals in the history of the Summer Olympics.Let’s connect the reporter who is out of the scene and hear the details. Reporter Lee Dae-ho.

Yes, I am at the archery stadium in Yumenoshima Park, where a new history of Korean sports was born.South Korean women’s archery Ansan won the individual event following the mixed team event and the women’s team event.
Ansan, who met Yelena Osipova of the Russian Federation in the final, shared the same 28 points in the first set.In the second set, he recovered two set points by hitting a 10-point target with all three shots.However, Osipova took the third and fourth sets and allowed a 3-5 turnaround.Ansan was not shaken even when it was a draw that would give up the gold medal.He shot 29 points again in the fifth set, leading the game to a 5-5 tie.Ansan, who stood first in the shot-off, calmly penetrated the 10-point target, and the great game ended with Osipova shooting eight points.As a result, Ansan won three gold medals in archery at the Tokyo Olympics.Since there has been a mixed team event since this tournament, he has made his name as the first three-time winner in Olympic archery history.At the same time, he became the first three-time champion in the history of the Korean Summer Olympics.Earlier in the Winter Olympics, short track speed skating Ahn Hyun-soo and Jin Sun-yu won three gold medals in Turin in 2006, and Ansan set the first record in the summer tournament.With this, the South Korean team won its fifth gold medal, taking a step further from its goal of seven gold medals and 10th place overall.If Kim Woo-jin also harvests the gold medal in the men’s individual event tomorrow, Korean archery will succeed in sweeping the gold medal in two consecutive competitions.So far, we’ve given you the golden news from the archery range in Yumenoshima Park.


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