Tony Kroos (34) has played his last game.

Tony Kroos (34) has played his last game.

Bavarian Football published an interview with Tony Kroos on Saturday (June 6) as he announced his departure from the professional ranks.

“I would like to thank everyone who has welcomed me with open arms and believed in me, especially the Real Madrid fans who have loved me from the first day to the last. This summer, at the end of the Euros, my soccer career will end,” he announced his retirement.

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) Euro 2024 has come to an end for the hosts, Germany. On June 6, Germany lost their quarterfinal match against Spain 1-2 in extra time at the Arena Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. It was the end of Kroos’s playing career.

Speaking at the post-match press conference,

Kroos said: “We can all be proud. We can all be proud because we were able to give hope to German soccer again.”

“We tried our best not to lose,” Kroos said. We were very close to winning, which makes it even more bitter. We can be proud of ourselves because everyone could have stepped up,” Kroos said, adding that he was both disappointed and satisfied.

“It’s a very bitter result because we could have gone further. Right now, the fact that we are out of the tournament is the key. 고스톱사이트 We all dreamed of big things together,” he said.

“Our dreams have been shattered, even if a few days later we realize that we played a good game, this is a fact. It’s very bitter.”

Bavarian Football focused on the phrase “a step up” in Kroos’ comments. “The German national team finally has hope,” the outlet said. After a series of disastrous defeats at the World Cup, the national team lost credibility, but the fact that Germany fought as equals against Spain in the quarterfinals was a nice change of pace.”

“In the process of feeling disappointment, they first experienced hope. Through this hope, Germany was able to give hope to the exhausted German people. This tournament has been a success for Germany.”

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