PGA Tour An Byeong-Hoon “Motivated to participate in the Olympics I want to win a medal.”

Byeonghun Ahn

An Byeong-hoon (32), who plays on the PGA Tour, expressed his intention to participate in this year’s Paris Olympics.

Byeong-Hoon An will participate in the PGA Tour Memorial Tournament (total prize money of $20 million) to be held in Dublin, Ohio, USA for four days starting on the 6th.

Byeong-Hoon An, who finished in the top 10 five times in 14 competitions this year, including once as runner-up, expressed his determination to participate in this year’s Paris Olympics.

Byung-Hoon An said, “The Olympics mean something different to me than other athletes. The fact that my parents went to the Olympics and won medals motivates me.

Ahn Byeong-hun is the son of Ahn Jae-hyung and Zhao Zhimin, famous as the ‘Korea-China table tennis couple’.

Ahn Jae-hyung won a bronze medal in the table tennis men’s doubles at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and Zhao Zhimin participated as a member of the Chinese national team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and won a silver medal in the women’s table tennis doubles and a bronze medal in the singles.

Byung-Hoon An expressed his determination, saying, “I really want to go to the Olympics this year, and if possible, I want to win a medal.”

The top two players from each country will qualify for the men’s golf at this year’s Paris Olympics based on the world rankings on the 17th.

Currently, Byung-Hoon An is ranked 26th in the world, second only to Joo-Hyung Kim (22nd) among Korean players. Seongjae Lim is next in 32nd place.

Ahead of the Memorial Tournament, Byeong-Hoon An said, “I liked this course because it was pretty, and the results so far were not bad,” and expressed his determination, “In many ways, the course is as well maintained as Augusta (where the Masters is held).”

He analyzed, “It is an advantageous course if there is a lot of distance,” and “The rough is long, so long hitters or strong players have an advantage, and the green area is fast, so you need to be good at your short game as well.

Byeong-Hoon An, who earned 4.97 million dollars (approximately 6.8 billion won) in prize money this season and is ranked 9th in prize money, said, “I think this season is probably the best in my career,” and added, “If I work hard like I do now and improve in all areas, the only thing left to do is to move up.” “I think so,” he commented.

Byung-Hoon An will begin the first round match with Brendan Todd (USA) at 9:20 pm on the 6th, Korean time. 섯다

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