Nam Hyun-hee appeals Seoul Fencing Association’s suspension from the Korean Fencing Association

Former national fencer Nam Hyun-hee has requested a review of her suspension from the Seoul Fencing Association.

An official from the Seoul Sports Federation said on Aug. 28 that the organization recently received an application for a review of the disciplinary action.

With Nam’s appeal, the Seoul Sports Association will hold a sports fairness committee within 60 days to make a decision on the matter. The Seoul Sports Council‘s decision will be final.

Nam was previously suspended by the Seoul Fencing Association’s Sports Fairness Committee on March 18.

The disciplinary action followed a March decision by the Sports Ethics Center, which determined that Nam had failed to fulfill his duties as a coach by failing to report situations where the human rights of students at his academy were being violated.

In July of last year, police received a complaint from the victim that Mr. A, who worked at Mr. Nam’s academy in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, had sexually abused two underage students for months.

According to the National Sports Promotion Act and the Implementing Rules of the Promotion Act, a decree of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, leaders of athletic organizations affiliated with the Korea Sports Federation and operators of private academies are required to immediately notify the Sports Ethics Center or an investigative agency if they are aware of any human rights violations, irregularities or suspicions.

A reportedly took the extreme option of filing a complaint days after the alleged sexual assault became public knowledge.

As a result, the police investigation failed to progress, and in October last year, the Sports Ethics Center, at the request of the victim, began investigating the situation and concluded that Nam knew about the situation and did not report it. The Seoul Fencing Association then imposed the highest level of discipline, expulsion. 바카라사이트

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