Soju is most recognized Korean alcoholic drink, survey shows

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“Hansik,” or Korean food, continues to gain awareness internationally with soju (a Korean clear distilled alcoholic drink) and bibimbap (rice mixed with meat and vegetables) leading the surge in popularity, according to the latest Korean Food Promotion Institute findings.The institute’s “2023 Overseas Korean Food Consumer Survey,” conducted on 9,000 adults in 18 major cities worldwide from last August to October, indicated a growing appetite for Korean flavors and culinary traditions globally.Soju has emerged as the most recognized Korean alcoholic beverage among international consumers.

The survey showed that 41.1 percent of participants identified soju as a familiar Korean alcoholic drink, surpassing beer at 31.6 percent, fruit wine at 22.8 percent, “cheongju” (refined rice wine) at 17.9 percent and “takju” (raw rice wine) at 14.5 percent.The drink’s popularity is most notable in Southeast Asia, where 62.7 percent of respondents said they recognize it.Soju consumption over the past two years has increased by 1.4 percentage points, totaling a consumption rate of 47.9 percent among those surveyed.Among the drinkers, 35.1 percent cited taste as the reason for drinking Korean alcoholic drinks, while 16 percent said recommendations by others, and 15.5 percent said their appearances on K-dramas and 온라인카지노 movies.

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