Blurring the lines between athletes and fans

The Samsung Lions’ “Blue Moment” event is changing the paradigm of fan service in baseball.

The structure of Daegu Samsung Lions Park makes it virtually impossible for fans to get autographs from players. It’s also impossible to change the structure of the baseball stadium. So Samsung marketing and the stadium management team put their heads together to provide better fan service and organized the Blue Moment event.

The Blue Moment Event is a player-fan interaction event that aims to solve the shortcomings of the closed structure of Daegu Samsung Lions Park, 토토사이트 which lacked a space for players and fans to interact.

Starting with the Daegu home game against Doosan on the 16th of last month

The netting of the third-base exciting zone will be lowered 30 minutes before the start time of the game to allow fans to interact with the players for 5 to 10 minutes. The event is open only to fans who have purchased a ticket to the third-base Exiting Zone, and is significant in that the players voluntarily interact with fans.

Catcher Kang Min-ho, who had been disappointed by the lack of opportunities to meet with fans visiting Daegu Samsung Lions Park, said, “Due to the nature of the ballpark, there was not enough space to interact with fans frequently, but I think the club thought a lot about it. I hope to have more opportunities to meet with fans,” he said.

Captain Koo Ja-uk (outfielder) said, “It’s a short time before the game, but I’m happy to be able to meet the fans up close. I hope they will come to the ballpark more often.” Infielder Kim Ji-chan welcomed the Blue Moment event, saying, “Due to the structure of LAPAC, there was not enough space to meet with fans, but I am happy to be able to meet with them for a short time before the game.”

Meanwhile, Samsung has revamped its Daegu Samsung Lions Park.

The outside walls of the baseball stadium were decorated with large photos of the players. The concept of the photos is ‘Magnificent Temple’, which tells the story of ‘the energy of a famous family buried in a temple and fierce warriors breaking through everything’.

The Raphaq Photo Blue Square is also newly located in the center of the concourse on the 3rd floor. The existing Blue Shot and Photo Card have been moved to this space. The Blue Shot now features athlete frames, and the quality of the shots has been improved. For the photo cards, we introduced a new machine that allows you to randomly select multiple players, 파워볼게임 in addition to the previous method of selecting one player.

We also replaced the chairs in the blue zone, infield seats, and other seats, and changed the glass in the railing to a product with better visibility. The infield turf and outfield fences were also updated to match the players’ play. In addition, SKY unreserved seats have been replaced with SKY upper reserved seats.

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