Son Seok-gu’s gay chart remark reflects Korea’s evolving stance toward LGBTQ+ community

Actor Son Seok-gu speaks during an appearance on Shin Dong-yup's YouTube channel. Captured from YouTube

The perception of the LGBTQ+ community is shifting. Stars like Son Seok-gu are expressing pride in the affection they receive from their gay fan bases. Their heartfelt gratitude has impressed many viewers.Son recently made headlines with his appearance on comedian Shin Dong-yup’s YouTube channel, where he boasted about ranking high on a gay chart, viewing it as a badge of honor and a testament to being in tune with trends.Son humorously boasted about his popularity in a poll among gay friends, saying, “It’s one of my proudest achievements. There’s a poll where gay friends vote for their favorite male actors. It’s a ranking too precious to miss. Aren’t they quick on picking up trends?”His wit captivated audiences with a humorous take on the tanking, remarking, “If I rise in the gay chart because of [my] body double, it’s not my own merit.”

This trend was further underscored by the candid discussions on the web variety show, “Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewelry Box,” where Actor Teo Yoo’s visit to the show was notable as he praised Hong for his openness about his sexuality, reflecting on how being favored by the gay community often serves as an introduction to wider trends.Yoo’s personal anecdotes about drawing strength from such support during his rookie days highlight the evolving narrative around LGBTQ+ stories in the entertainment industry.The portrayal of LGBTQ+ stories has been increasingly visible in dramas, movies and especially in genres like BL (Boys’ Love), with titles like “Semantic Error” and “To My Star” resonating with audiences. The significance of these works lies in their focus on LGBTQ+ narratives, marking a progressive shift in storytelling.The comments made by stars on variety shows carry weight, as they are perceived as the genuine views of entertainers rather 토토사이트 than those of their scripted characters.

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