Estimates show Korea’s greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2023 for 2nd consecutive year


Korea’s greenhouse gas emissions are believed to have fallen for the second consecutive year in 2023, government estimates showed Sunday.According to the estimates by the Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth, Korea’s emissions in the energy transition sector last year were estimated at 203.7 million tons, a 4.8 percent fall from 219.3 million tons in 2022.Emissions in the industrial sector are also believed to amount to 244.7 million tons last year, a 0.4 percent decline from 245.8 million tons in 2022, according to the estimates.

As the two sectors account for about 70 percent of total emissions, overall emissions are also believed to have declined. In that case, it would mark the country’s second straight yearly reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.The emission reduction in the energy transition sector can be attributed to a rise in renewable energy and nuclear power generation, while the fall in the industrial sector is attributable to corporate efforts, such as the shutting down of aged blast furnaces.Emissions in the building and transportation sectors are also believed to have fallen 6.4 percent and 2.9 percent to 45.2 million tons and 95 million tons last year, 카지노사이트킹 respectively.

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