Park Ji-hwan was hit by a ball during a practice game

The entire second-team coaching staff was stunned. SSG Landers’ rookie infielder Park Ji-hwan, who has the qualities of a big shortstop, was hit by a ball during a practice game.

Park started at first base in a scrimmage against the Weichuan Dragons, a Taiwanese professional team, at the Doryu Stadium in Taiwan on the 29th.

He was rejoining the second team after a “major tour. Top-round pick among rookies who joined the organization this year. Park, the 10th overall pick in the first round of the rookie draft, started this spring training with the second team.

The organization’s calculation was to give the rookies enough time to build up their bodies. Park has been training with Futures Team seniors and teammates in Chiayi, Taiwan, 토토사이트 and after the first team arrived in Chiayi, the team played two scrimmages with a major tour concept.

After an afternoon workout with the first team on the 26th, Park started two consecutive games against the Tung Yi Lions at the Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium on the 27th and 28th. He batted ninth in the lineup and played shortstop, and had an impressive batting performance with one hit and one RBI in the first game and two hits, including a triple, in the second game.

After watching Park’s two games,

Manager Lee Sung-yong ordered him to rejoin the second team, not for lack of results. After just two games, Park had caught the eye of the first team coaching staff. “He has the qualities of a big shortstop,” they said.

However, he still had some deficiencies, including his defense, and as originally planned, he finished the camp with the second team and was expected to be called up to the first team for an exhibition game. Lee gave each of the assistant coaches an order for Park Ji-hwan.

After three days with the first team, Park rejoined the second team and went straight to the second team practice game on the 29th. He started as a first baseman and shortstop for Wei Quan Safety. SSG was led by second-team prospects, and Wei Quan was initially expected to have a second-team squad, but the starting lineup included a number of first-team players. Former home run king and Taiwanese baseball legend Lin Zui-sheng was also in the lineup, batting second.

However, an injury struck as soon as he entered the game.

He was hit squarely in the elbow when he swung at the second pitch thrown by Weichuan’s starting pitcher, Liu Yong-chen. As the elbow is the most important part of his body, his arm was shaking immediately after the ball hit him.

He was immediately replaced by Park, who was taken to a nearby hospital with an official. This was to get a proper checkup. Fortunately, his condition stabilized quickly after the substitution. The club officials breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor diagnosed him with a simple bruise.

After the checkup, Park returned to the field and watched the game until the end. “I thought about sending him back out as a pinch-hitter,” 파워볼사이트 추천 joked manager Son Si-heon, but was relieved that he was not seriously injured.

SSG 2 will take a day off on March 1 before resuming training on March 2. Park Ji-hwan is also expected to return to training after the break.

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