Korean lawyer receives British Empire Medal for strengthening bilateral relations

British Ambassador Colin Crooks, left, poses with Park Jong-bak, partner at Pacific law firm after delivering the British Empire Medal at the British Ambassador's Residence, Thursday. Courtesy of British Embassy in Seoul

British Ambassador Colin Crooks delivered a British Empire Medal to Park Jong-bak, partner at Pacific law firm, Thursday, in recognition of his instrumental role in revitalizing the alumni association of Chevening and fostering stronger ties between the United Kingdom and Korea. The association comprises individuals who have been recipients of the esteemed Chevening Scholarship. This network fosters professional growth, collaboration and networking opportunities among its members on a global scale. During his tenure as chairman of the Chevening Alumni Network, Park facilitated crucial connections within his extensive network of top opinion leaders, inviting them to participate in the Chevening Knowledge Sharing event.

“Dr. Park has been an energetic supporter of U.K.-Korea relations for many years. He has revitalized our network of Chevening Alumni, who are among our closest friends in Korea,” Ambassador Crooks said. “As a distinguished lawyer, he has also promoted closer cooperation between the legal communities of our two countries.” Park, currently serving as an attorney at Pacific, leads the law firm’s blockchain and cryptocurrency team. His career has been marked by a commitment to fostering international cooperation and advancing legal frameworks conducive to global partnership and investment .He was admitted to the bar in 1992 and obtained a Master of Laws specializing in international financial law from the London School of Economics in 1999 through a Chevening Scholarship from the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since then, he has been actively involved in advising on financial and corporate transactions, as well as spearheading initiatives 카지노 related to open-source licensing and compliance.

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