Kim Joo-won is earning $160 million this year

Kim Joo-won (24-NC Dinos) is earning $160 million this year. That’s up 78% from 70 million won last year. It’s his first billion-dollar salary.

In 127 games last year, Kim batted .668 with 10 doubles, 10 home runs, 54 RBIs and 15 stolen bases for an OPS of .668. He committed 30 errors. While he showed power, hitting double-digit home runs for the second straight year, his overall numbers are disappointing.

While the numbers may leave something to be desired, last year was Kim’s chance to make his mark as a national shortstop. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which just concluded in October, Kim was the starting shortstop for the Korean baseball team and helped them win gold. In the second game of the playoffs, he made a game-winning super-catch. At the end of the season, he played for the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) team. 바카라사이트 He definitely has the mental strength to perform in big games.

Before departing for Arizona on the 30th, Kim said, “I worked hard and prepared well in the offseason. I am waiting with excitement to see what will happen when I leave the country.”

The good memories from the end of last year led to confidence this season.

“I think it’s helpful to go into the season with good memories because you might find yourself in a similar situation,” Kim said.

As he was disappointed with his batting last year, he changed his preparation process this year. “Last year, I barely held the bat at all. This year, I prepared so well that I could go straight into the game (in the U.S.) and not have any problems,” he said, explaining, “My performance was not good, so I thought I should make a change.”

On his first billion-dollar salary. “It feels good,” Kim said. Since I’m getting that kind of salary, I feel like I have to do a better job, so I feel more responsible.”

That responsibility manifested itself in his willingness to improve his performance. “I’m trying to make my defense a little more stable. I want to cut my errors in half. As for my batting average, I think I should still hit at least 2.5 pounds, and I’m thinking of hitting double digits in home runs.”

Last year, NC had a lot of people saying that it would be difficult for them to enter the fall baseball with the departure of Yang Ji Won, Won Jong-hyun, and Noh Ji-hyeok. However, after finishing the regular season in fourth place, they made it to the playoffs with a sweep of Doosan and SSG. In the playoffs, the team showed its strength by taking the first two games. However, they lost the next three games and were unable to advance to the Korean Series.

This season, NC enters the season without any major reinforcements.

However, the experience and confidence gained last year is expected to be a big weapon this year. “We had a good showing last season, so we’re looking forward to giving our fans hope rather than worry this season,” said NC head coach Kang Myung-ho.

Kim Joo-won also hopes that last year’s performance will serve as nourishment this year. “I went to fall baseball for the first time and I loved it. 토토사이트 추천 It was a great experience, but I fell short. This time, I want to do well so that I don’t end up with regrets.” “I think the team can go to fall baseball this year. We went to the postseason last year, so I think we can do well as a team this year,” he said.

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