“I can overcome my disability” A hearing-impaired developer wearing a graduation cap

Seungwoo Ham received the Achievement Award at the Sahmyook University 2023 first semester commencement ceremony.

Seungwoo Ham, a graduate of Sahmyook University Gold medal at the 2023 International Paralympic Games Achievement award at the graduation ceremony “I’m thrilled that I was able to finish my college life safely.”

“I am thrilled as I approach the big milestone of graduation. I am filled with gratitude for being able to finish my college life safely.”

Ham Seung-woo (24), class of ’19 in the Department of Computer Engineering at Sahmyook University, received his diploma on the 16th after completing five years of college life.

Mr. Ham, who was born hearing impaired, received an achievement award in the name of the president along with his diploma.Sahmyook University evaluated that he raised the status of the school by winning a gold medal at the International Paralympic Games held in Metz, France in March last year.

Mr. Ham, who met in writing with Yonhap News on the 15th, a day before the graduation ceremony, said, “I am very honored. The Achievement Award will be a motivation for me to achieve greater achievements in the future and a source of pride in my life.”

He won first place at the 2022 National Disabled Skills Competition and will participate as a national representative of the computer programming profession at the International Disabled Skills Olympics the following year.In addition to being honored with a gold medal, he also received the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in December last year.

Seungwoo Ham (24), graduate of Sahmyook University Department of Computer Engineering

Mr. Ham became curious about computers when he was in elementary school and fell in love with the image of a hacker typing quickly on a keyboard while watching TV news with his parents. In middle school, he met a senior and began to dream of becoming a developer in earnest.

The person who gave him his dream was Min Min-jong, a senior at Aehwa School, a special school.Mr. Ham, who transferred to Aehwa School in his second year of middle school, met Min, who was in high school at the time, through a teacher’s introduction.

Mr. Min, the gold prize winner in the youth division of the 2015 National Information Technology Competition for the Disabled, taught Mr. Ham the principles and structure of computers.

“The characteristics of computers, which can process and apply digital information made up of binary numbers 1 and 0 and implement various functions, appealed to me. My senior’s explanation stimulated my curiosity, and a dream of operating a computer arose.”

I wanted to learn computer engineering professionally, so I attended Seoul Digitech High School, a specialized high school, and then entered the Department of Computer Engineering at Sahmyook University.

Hearing impairment, which has been with him since birth, often became an obstacle to his studies.

“As I am hearing impaired, it was not easy to take classes. I mainly studied on my own using the textbooks I received at school. By writing and experimenting with new codes by applying practice codes on the computer in the classroom, I wanted to make it my own knowledge rather than simply memorizing it. I did.” 성인웹툰

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