“You never know what’s going to happen when you put the ball in play”

With his aggressive offense, Lee struck out only 304 times in 3,947 at-bats in seven professional seasons. By comparison, he had only 64 walks. In 2023, he had just one (in 387 at-bats). “

When you strike out, you don’t get to do anything, but if you somehow put the ball in play, you don’t know what will happen,” Lee said. “

I practiced with that mindset from a young age, and I think my contact improved.”

His obsession with the ball helped him earn $7 million (about KRW 9.08 billion) in his first year in the major leagues, $16 million (about KRW 20.76 billion) in 2025, and $22 million (about KRW 28.47 billion) in 2026 and 2027.

“Reaching the major leagues” was not on Lee’s bucket list when he wrote it in his childhood diary.

But the path he has taken since turning pro has opened the door for him to become the highest-paid Asian baseball player. 카지노사이트777

It’s a door that would never have opened if he had cowered in the batter’s box because his father’s name was overwhelming or because he was afraid of striking out.

Instead, he handled the pressure with an aggressive approach based on solid fundamentals.
In our “today” at-bats, would we have been desperate to avoid striking out, or would we have tried to hit the ball no matter what, as Lee did? Once you hit the ball, there’s always “next.

Even if it’s a ground ball, even if it’s a fly ball, there’s a chance that the opponent will make an error. Byungsalta can’t help but think, “In 2024, I’ll just hit it and see what happens”.

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