‘I damaged the value of golf…’ Disciplinary leniency for breaking the rules, but could Yoon be welcomed?

The issue of Yoon In-na’s disciplinary reduction following the “Ogoo Play” incident is hotly debated.

The Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour decided to reduce Yoon In-na’s suspension from three years to one year and six months at its board meeting on Sept. 8.

Yoon’s suspension, which was set to end on September 19, 2025, has been moved up to March 19, 2024.

This will allow Yoon to compete on the KLPGA Tour in the 2024 season.
Yoon In-na committed a misplay at the Korean Women’s Open in July 2022, hitting a ball that was not her own.

After her tee shot on the 15th hole of the first round went wide right, she found a ball in the rough and played on, even though she later realized it was not hers.

Yoon self-reported the incident a month after the tournament.

As a result, she was suspended for three years by the Korea Golf Association (KGA) in August and the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) in September.

However, in September 2023, the KGA reduced Yoon’s punishment from three years to one year and six months.

The KLPGA then confirmed the reduction in 2024. “

The position of golf stakeholders such as sponsors, golf fans, and members was taken into consideration, as well as the KGA’s reduction of Yoon’s discipline,” the KLPGA said.

It added that it also took into account the 3,500 petitions for his relief.

The KGA’s rationale was similar.
The gaze is not kind. It is argued that Ogoo’s play itself undermined the spirit of golf, and that it violated the “fairness” of the game to reduce his discipline for hiding it and reporting it as a wolf.
A similar situation occurred in the Korean Men’s Golf Association (KPGA) in 2022.

A player who intentionally played the wrong ball at the AsiaDCC Busan Open was suspended for five years and fined 50 million won.

However, Yoon In-na’s punishment was lighter and she even received a reduction.

Along with voices of inequity, there were also voices that Yoon In-na’s star status undermined the fairness of golf for the sake of tournament box office and sponsor profits.
“Even in elementary, middle school, and junior tournaments, referees are suffering from bad play, so what can young players learn from that?” said A. “

Who would play golf honestly when the responsibility for wrongdoing (discipline) is light and you can make a lot of money if you win?”

He added, “The KLPGA has lost the trust of its fans by breaking its principles. 카지노사이트777

It’s a disgrace to women’s golf,” he added.
The players’ opinions were similar.

Last year, the KLPGA Players’ Association conducted a closed-door survey to find out what they thought about Yoon’s discipline.

More than 90 percent were against the idea, but the KLPGA said it “listened to the views of all members and decided to reduce the discipline.”

This is why it was criticized as insincere.

Yoon In-na, who made her KLPGA Tour debut in 2022 and has one win under her belt, has become a fan favorite for her powerful long game.

One bad decision and she was down.

The suspension could be a blow to her star power.

The KLPGA’s reputation for breaking rules has also taken a hit. “

I promise not to repeat the same mistake and to play honestly and sincerely according to the spirit and rules of golf,” Yoon said after the decision was made.

Will Yoon be welcomed back in the 2024 season?

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