Suwon’s relegation, was it really all about money

Suwon Samsung has been relegated. It’s the first time since its founding in 1995.

It has become a reality.

The signs have been there for years, but no one innovated.

Only the supporters cried out lonely.
There are many reasons for the decline.

But there’s no denying that one of the main reasons is dwindling investment.

In 2014, Samsung Electronics pulled out.

The successor, Cheil Worldwide, was less motivated.

As an advertising agency, it had its limitations.

Soowon’s salaries fell into the mid-to-low range.
So why is Gwangju doing so well, why is Pohang doing so well for so long, why is Leicester City winning the Premier League title, and why is ‘no draw’ always, always, always right?
The power of a club that has been considered a masterpiece for a long time is not only financial strength.

It is the sober checks, exquisite balance, and active cooperation between the leader and the front.

If the front office and the leader are not in sync, the club is doomed.
How was Suwon?

The front was powerful.

The front did not treat the leader as relatively important.

The selection of key players was also considered the domain of the front.

If the performance was good, the front was silent.

On the other hand, if the team performed poorly, they were constantly criticizing the coach.

Replacing a coach without revolutionizing the club’s administration is the easiest card to play to shift blame.

The number of firing and dismissing leaders grew rapidly.
The tenure was shorter and the replacement cycle more frequent.

The result of a consistent front of inaction is a ‘predictable’ relegation following a long period of underperformance.
These days, players are not just smart, they’re clever.

If the front and leaders don’t work together, the players will line up on the strong side.
Recently, Suwon players lined up at the front.

If the players look down on the coach, they will have a bad attitude in training and matches.
Naturally, their physical condition won’t be good either.

The rash of injuries, lack of fitness, and sloppy organization are all the result of a lack of training.

One professional team manager pointed out that the fundamental cause of Suwon’s slump is that the team has become complacent, thinking that they are still a prestigious club because of the reputation of Suwon and Samsung. 카지노사이트777
What is more fundamentally important than the active investment of Cheil Worldwide is the sober self-reflection and self-sacrifice of the front office, leaders, and players.
The relegation was caused by the fact that the team was constantly pushed to the brink of relegation, but did not self-reflect and sacrifice, but only looked for shields and scapegoats.

Relegation is unfortunate for any club.
It’s even more devastating for Suwon supporters, who are arguably the best in the K League in terms of loyalty, passion, size, and history.

The impact on Suwon, the most prestigious club in the league, will be enormous.
The bigger the shock, the broader and stronger the innovation will be.

Relegation is a reality, and promotion is a challenge.

Unless the front office, coaching staff, and players change drastically, there is no future for Suwon.
With a long-standing passion and a strong love for the club, what should the front office and players do: take matters into their own hands and change the club once again, or take responsibility in some way, but in any case, a true apology should be made with the body, not the mouth.
Without relegation, would they have changed their ways? Probably not.

Let’s hope that the relegation brought about by complacency, laziness, nepotism, and cronyism will be a “gift” more precious than heavenly gold that will cut Suwon’s front office, leaders, and players down to their bones and souls.

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