‘Shooting Emperor’ Jong-Oh Jin “If you hit the shuttlecock, you will soon become one.”

“The greatest appeal of sports is that we can become one in the process of running together toward a goal.”Jin Jong-oh, co-chairman of the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games, who met at the Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang Special City, Gyeonggi Province, where the ‘2023 National Multicultural Family Badminton Competition was held on the 16th, said, “Language barriers arise when sharing your favorite sport as a hobby. “It is possible to form a consensus beyond this,” he said.Chairman Jin Jong-oh, who gave the congratulatory speech on this day, said, “When I came to the competition today, I felt that the public really loves sports,” and, “As an athlete, I am grateful and happy for organizing such a meaningful event.”

Chairman Jin introduced, “Badminton, which can be played anytime, anywhere by anyone, regardless of gender or age, with just a racket and a shuttlecock, is one of the best sports that combines elite sports and everyday sports.” He explained that he often played badminton when he was young, but when he was a shooter, he put down the racket to avoid putting strain on his wrists. He added that now that he has retired from active duty, he wants to hit the shuttlecock to his heart’s content again.Chairman Jin positively evaluated the government’s recent policy to increase physical education class hours in schools, saying, “In order to increase national sports competitiveness, expanding the base is essential.”He also expressed regret over the social trend of emphasizing only “academics” compared to the past when there were “physical fitness centers,” and said, “Once you have a healthy body, you can focus better on studying and endure with mental 카지노사이트킹 strength.” “There is,” he explained.

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