Meeting with President Yong Srong is Enthusiastic About Volunteering

Please refrain from participating in external events as much as possible during the season

a fan pleaded on the SNS page of Throng Piavi (Cambodia, Blue One Resort).

On the 13th, Srong posted a video of a Cambodian girl in a wheelchair and a middle-aged woman lying sick in a hut through her personal SNS account.

“Her disabled girl has been in a wheelchair for five years, and her widowed mother has symptoms of hemoptysis,”said Srong. 바카라사이트닷컴

She donated support to ‘Pia Vi Han Kam Sarang’, a charity organization she runs.

I posted a post asking for help.

The ace who leads Blue One Resort and the first LPBA player to achieve a Grand Slam (World Championship, regular tour, team league)

Throw Piavi is famous for his spirit of service and love for his country.

Srong, who settled in Korea with her husband Kim Man-sik in 2010

has been playing as a billiards player in Korea for over 10 years

taking the cue since 2011. It is known that until his marriage

he lived in Kampong Cham, Cambodia and farmed potatoes.

Srong has revealed that his dream is to build a sports school for children in his hometown of Cambodia, and in fact

he is currently busy building a school on the land he purchased. 

In addition, he never forgets to purchase donations and medicines with his prize money and deliver them to children in his hometown.

Srong’s status and recognition greatly increased in Korea and Cambodia, and he became a star sports athlete in name and reality

serving as a public relations ambassador for various organizations. It became a huge success story of ‘Korean Dream

On the 6th, Korean time, Srong, who was invited to a Salvation Army-related event

became a hot topic in Cambodia by sitting next to President Yoon Seok-yeol. 

At the time, Throng expressed her excitement through the Cambodian media ‘ThmeyThmey’, saying

It is a great honor for this Cambodian girl,” and she said,

Meeting the Korean president was something I did not expect.”

In addition, you can see posts related to Buddhism or volunteer work being updated very consistently on her personal SNS page.

However, fans also have concerns. This is because her recent solo tour has been sluggish and we have not been able to see her best

which she showed in the past two seasons. As a result, some people raised concerns that “as she spends more time attending external events, she may be lacking in practice.”

As of the 23-24 season, Srong only won once in the 2nd tour (Silk Road Ansan Championship), and received a shocking result of being eliminated in the round of 32-64 in all 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th tours. 

She recently reached the quarterfinals in the 7th tour (High1 Resort Championship), but was eliminated after being pushed by the unknown Hyewon Lim.

This is the lowest score she has received since her debut in the 20-21 season.

Recently, in the fourth round of her team’s league, there was concern about her news of flu

but she soon recovered and appeared in the doubles match with Kang Min-gu.

In response, a fan left a sincere and concerned comment on Slong’s social media page.

The fan said, “I was relieved to see the team league because it seemed like he was returning to his original condition.

He also added, “Piabee is a person of great love. He is a person who will help and build up the poor country and Korean people.

Please focus only on billiards practice.

Please strengthen your physical strength, distinguish between season and off-season, and refrain from participating in external events during the season,

like professional athletes such as baseball and soccer,” he wrote.

In addition, regarding the service that Srong wants to realize, he said

(This service) can be achieved through billiards skills and performance,” and expressed his hope that Srong will overcome his slump.

Meanwhile, the PBA Tour, which has completed all 4 rounds of the team league

will continue its schedule with the 5th round of the team league from January 6 to 14, 2024.

Srong’s team, Blue One Resort, is currently tied for 4th place in the regular league with 45 points.

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