Kim Eun-ji, the youngest ‘Ipsin’ player to defeat No. 1 Choi Jeong, announces her ‘star birth’

The next big thing, Kim Eun-ji (16) 9th dan, roared. She announced her ‘star birth’ by defeating the world’s strongest 9th dan, Choi Jeong.
Kim Eun-ji defeated Choi Jeong in the final three games of the 7th Hae-Sung Women’s Go Tournament held at the Go TV Studio in Kiwon, Korea, on the 19th, winning with a hundred moves in 250 moves after more than three hours and 10 minutes of bloodshed.

The prize money was 50 million won.
Even more gratifying than winning the biggest prize money and title of her life, she was able to defeat Choi Jung, who was a huge ‘mountain’.

Kim had faced Choi in the finals of major tournaments, including last year’s Women’s Gisungjeon, but was unable to break through the barrier.

On this day, however, she defeated Choi Jeong and achieved the rank of 9th dan as a rookie according to the rules.
Kim Eun-ji became a 9th dan in three years and 11 months after joining the club on January 10, 2020, setting a record for the fastest time to reach the rank.

Born in May 2007, Kim also broke the record for the youngest black belt (17 years, 11 months) held by Park Jung-hwan 9th Dan, bringing his age to 16 years, 6 months.
Kim has been criticized for her weak finishing, but in the third game, she showed that she has strengthened her weaknesses. 온라인카지노

Choi tried to shake things up late in the third period by attacking Kim Eun-ji’s right side back hemp.

However, Kim Eun-ji calmly found Su-soon to save the day, and there were no more upsets in the closing stages.
With the loss, Choi fell to 13-4 in her head-to-head record against Kim Eun-ji.

Despite her dominance, Choi has been closing in on Kim with four losses this year, including two straight in the final of this tournament.

She spent a long time after the match reflecting on her disappointment.

“I think I had more energy this time,” Kim said after the match.

There were many dangerous moments in the three countries.

I’m really happy that I was able to win against Master Choi.”
Kim Eun-ji first defeated Choi Jeong 9-dan in the Women’s Go League in July, and she also defeated Choi Jeong in game 1 of the Women’s Supreme Knight Final in August.

Although she lost in the second or third round, she showed that she has learned a lot in just four months and has moved up a level.

With a win in a big tournament, there is talk that she can only go up from here.
Commentator Kim Man-soo said, “Kim doesn’t let her chi get the better of her.

Even though she lost to Choi Jeong, she showed the ability to recover immediately.

I think the competition between Choi Jeong and Kim Eun-ji will become more intense in the future.”

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