KBO Announces the Total salary of the Top 40 Players by Club Doosan Highest Spending at 11.18175 Billion Won

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on the 20th the total amount of the top 40 highest paid players by club in 2023.

By club, Doosan recorded the highest amount among the 10 clubs at 11.18175 billion won. 

SSG followed with 10.84647 billion won.

Six of the 10 clubs recorded more than 10 billion won

including LG (10.7975 billion won), Lotte (10.64667 billion won) 먹튀검증사이트

Samsung (10.44073 billion won), and NC (10.08812 billion won).

A KBO official explained, “As a result of calculating the annual salary of each club in 2023, no club exceeded the salary cap upper limit.”

The KBO is introducing and implementing a salary cap system that will be implemented from 2023 to upwardly level the league’s power and ensure continuous development.

The salary cap upper limit is 120 of the club’s average annual amount

which is the sum of the amount of the top 40 highest-paid players in each club salary

actual option payment amount, and average annual contract amount for FAs among each club’s players excluding foreign players and rookies

for 2021-2022. % is 11,426.38 million won.

If you sign a contract that exceeds the salary cap

you must pay a penalty equal to 50% of the excess amount once. 

If it is exceeded twice in a row, an amount equal to 100% of

the excess must be paid as a penalty, and the next year’s first round selection will be lowered by 9 levels.

If you exceed the limit three times in a row, you must pay a penalty equal to 150% of

the amount exceeded, and your first-round pick for the following year will be reduced by 9 levels.

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