“A small ball shot by Hishalisong” Kulusebski “the lover” ♥The story of how I almost didn’t get the ceremony.

“Tottenham’s” Dejan Kulusebski almost didn’t make it to his pregnancy celebration after his goal against Nottingham because of Hislisong.
Tottenham defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 in the 17th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) on Saturday (Nov. 16) at the City Grounds in Nottingham, England, thanks to back-to-back goals from Tosun and Kuluczewski, despite being reduced to 10 men following Yves Bissouma’s sending-off.
Kulusebski was the standout performer on the day.

He set up Hischalisson’s header in first-half stoppage time, and then scored the game-winner in the 20th minute.

Son Heung-min started the scoring.

The South Korean sprinted towards Nottingham goalkeeper Matt Turner under intense pressure, and a panicked Turner’s wobbly kick found Kulusebski.

Kulusebski rattled the post with his right foot after outrunning the defense.

Kulusebski performed a heart ceremony and a pregnancy celebration, tucking the ball into the top of his jersey in honor of his wife’s pregnancy.
After the win, The Sun noted the scene: “Kulusebski was not in the best of moods when Hishalisong almost ruined his pre-planned goal celebration,” he wrote.

In the immediate aftermath of Kulusebski’s wedge, the Frenchman was so overjoyed that he kicked the ball out of bounds towards the jubilant Tottenham crowd. 카지노사이트777

The problem was that Kulusebski, a Swedish international, was preparing a touching goal for his fiancée, Eldina Amick, who recently gave birth to a child.

His plan to make a pregnancy gesture by tucking the ball into his shirt was thwarted by his teammate, who bounced the ball out of play.

Kulusebski was baffled that the ball was missing, and Hyshalisson looked puzzled.
Eventually, Kulusebski was able to accomplish his mission with the spare match ball on the sidelines of the court, which was handed to him by Hishalisson.

After tucking the ball into his top, he shot a handheart at the camera and blew his lover a kiss to end the ceremony.

Kulusebski and his girlfriend, Eldina, who got engaged in May, shared a photo of the couple together on social media and announced the impending official arrival with the caption, “Our family is growing, see you soon, baby girl!”

Below the post, fans continued to comment on the hilariously Hishalishong-esque hijinks, saying, “Kulusebski wanted a ball to celebrate being a dad, but Hishalishong didn’t know any better and kicked it away,”

“Hishalishong almost ruined Kulusebski’s baby shower ceremony,” and more.
Meanwhile, Tottenham’s return from injury, along with a strong performance from Robert Lewandowski and all-weather captain Son Heung-min, saw them follow up their 4-1 win at Newcastle with a 2-0 clean sheet at Nottingham, their first back-to-back wins since October.

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