Kim Eun-seok, Secretary General of the Korean Canoe Federation, elected Secretary General of the Asian Federation

Kim Eun-seok, secretary general of the Korean Canoe Federation, has been elected as the next Asian Canoe Federation secretary general.
“At the 21st Annual General Assembly of the Asian Canoeing Federation held at the Olympic Parktel in Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea, on Aug. 28-29, Kim defeated India’s Prashant Singh Raghavanshi to become the next secretary general,” the Korean Canoe Federation said on Monday.
Kim is the first Korean to hold the position of Secretary General of Asian Canoeing.

Kim’s election means that the Asian Canoeing Federation’s headquarters will move to South Korea.
“When I ran for the position in 2015, I lost by three votes, but I think my relationship with the delegates at that time helped my image as a ‘ready secretary general’. 호텔카지노

I am looking forward to creating jobs as the secretariat headquarters comes to Korea.”
Cho Hyun-sik, president of the Korean Canoe Federation, said, “It will be an opportunity to promote Korea’s status in the sport of canoeing to the rest of the world, including Asia, and for Korean canoeing to develop further.”

Founded in 1983, the Asian Canoe Federation currently has 38 member nations.

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