KB Sonbo in a 9-game losing streak…Bjorna is the only one ‘fighting back’

The KB Insurance Stars have been unable to break out of their losing streak.
As of Nov. 23, KB Sonbo is 1-9 (7 points) and is seventh among the seven teams in the men’s division.

The team dropped to the bottom of the table after winning one game against the KEPCO Big Storm in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season.

The losing streak has dampened the players’ spirits, and a rib injury to homegrown ace and outside hitter Hwang Kyung-min has made matters worse.
The team hadn’t been playing badly.

Five of their 10 matches went to five sets.

Even in the match against the Samsung Fire Bluefangs on the 19th, they lost 3-5 sets despite taking the first and second sets, suggesting a lack of backbone.

Foreign ace Andres Biyena (registered name Biyena) is the top scorer in the men’s division with an average of 27.6 points per game as an apogee spiker, but the rest of the team is lacking in scoring support.

“KIVISONBO, which has a thin roster compared to other teams, has become less decisive in scoring after the last 20 points,” said Yoon Bong-woo, a KIVISN commentator. 온라인카지노
In particular, they lack the firepower of an outside hitter to replace Hwang Kyung-min.

Hong Sang-hyuk and former Asia Quarter Dae-min Liu Hong-min are filling the void, but their shooting percentages are 45.28% and 37.27%, respectively, and they only average 5.8 and 5.3 points per game.

“With the outside hitters scoring double-digit points, Bjorna has to step up at crucial moments, but the pressure is on her to score from start to finish,” said KBSN commentator Kim Min-cheol.

“She’s the only one who’s giving up points, and the outside hitter’s attack success rate hasn’t risen above the mid-40s,” said Yoon Bong-woo.
It was also suggested that the team should focus on rebuilding and developing young players this season, as it is not easy to strengthen the team through trades as the season continues.

“If the team takes the time to rebuild and boldly develop Yoon Seo-jin, Kwon Tae-wook, Jeon Jong-nyeong, and Sung Han-hee, who were recruited in this year’s rookie draft, the gap between starters and non-starters will be narrowed and the team will be able to strengthen its power,” said Kim Min-chul, a commentator.

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