Batting slump, pitching deterioration…red flags for NC as PS 9-game winning streak comes to a halt

Even during a winning streak, “fatigue” builds up.

The fatigue that you don’t notice when you’re drunk on victory can be even more pronounced when the streak ends.

The NC Dinos suffered their first loss in the fall this year.

They lost 0-3 in Game 3 of the 2023 KBO Postseason Playoffs (PO) at Changwon NC Park on Nov. 2.

Both the KBO’s first-ever 10-game postseason (PS) winning streak and the record for the most consecutive postseason wins in a single season (7), the most tied in history, have come to an end.

NC went on a nine-game winning streak from Game 4 of the 2020 Korean Series, when they won their first overall title, to Game 2 of this year’s PO, tying the record for the longest PS winning streak in history set by the Hattae Tigers from Game 4 of the 1987 PO to Game 3 of the 1988 KS.

A win in Game 3 of the PO would have set a new KBO record, but it didn’t reach the 10-game mark.

The 2023 PS streak (six straight wins) from the Wild Card Decision Game to Game 2 of the PO was also halted after seven games, and NC did not reach the Hyundai Unicorns’ record of seven straight wins from Game 1 of the PO to Game 3 of the KS in 2000.

NC head coach Kang In-hwa’s worries grew as the situation he feared unfolded during the match.

NC scored 41 points in five games from the Wild Card Decider to the first round of the POs. Their lowest point total in five games was four points in the first round of the semifinals against SSG Landers.

After scoring three runs in Game 2, NC went scoreless in Game 3, not allowing a single player to reach second base.

The batting lineup, which had dominated the opposition in Game 1 of the PO, went cold in Game 2.

Kim Young-kyu (⅔ innings, 1 hit, 1 run), who had a scoreless streak of 5⅔ innings in PS 5, was hit by Moon Sang-chul’s solo shot to left field in the third inning.

Ryu Jin-wook, who has been a solid shield for NC alongside Kim Young-gyu, gave up 2 runs (1 earned) on 1 hit and 1 walk in 1 inning in Game 2 of the PO on October 31.

The NC dugout knows that Kim 바카라 Young-gyu and Ryu Jin-wook are a bit tired. However, they don’t have many bullpen cards to play in a close game.

Manager Kang Myung-ho said, “Kim Young-gyu is tired. There are no injuries, so we’ll keep an eye on him.”

Despite the red flags, NC still holds a two-game (one loss) advantage in the best-of-five PO.

They still have a chance to become the first KBO team to finish fourth in the regular season and top the Korean Series.

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