“Worst uniform I’ve ever seen”…Barcelona’s ‘El Clasico’ debacle side’s uniform controversy

Barcelona’s uniforms for the El Clasico against Real Madrid have been mired in controversy.

Barcelona unveiled the jerseys they will wear in the 11th round of the 2023-24 Spanish La Liga on Nov. 19 on their official website, where they will face Real on Nov. 28.

“The jersey we will wear in El Clasico on the 28th will once again be an iconic one that will attract the attention of the whole world,” the club said, showing great anticipation for the special jersey.

Barcelona decided to replace the iconic logo of the Rolling Stones, a legendary rock band that has been around since 1962, with the logo of music streaming company Spotify. 카지노사이트777

While the idea of incorporating a new logo into a jersey is not uncommon for other clubs, what makes Barcelona’s choice so unique is the Rolling Stones’ logo.

The Rolling Stones’ iconic logo is composed of a human tongue and lips.

The tongue sticks out of the lips, giving the impression that it’s performing a melon.

The decision was made to put this logo in the center of the jersey.

Barcelona’s reasoning for this decision has to do with their sponsor, Spotify.

Spotify wanted to commemorate the Rolling Stones releasing their first album in 18 years, and after discussions with Barcelona, they decided to replace the Spotify logo with the Rolling Stones logo.

It’s not like they’ll be wearing the jerseys for the rest of the season.

The men will only wear it in El Clasico, while the women will wear it against Sevilla on March 5.

Given the rarity of the jerseys with the Rolling Stones’ logo, Barcelona plans to make them available for a limited time.

“This collaboration with Spotify takes things to the next level,” said Juli Guiu, Barcelona’s vice president of marketing.

Bringing together two icons – the Rolling Stones logo and the Barcelona jersey – is a special moment for our fans around the world.

Music and soccer are forming a unique partnership for a long and exciting future.”

However, fans have been less than enthusiastic.

Many outlets, including Sky Sports in the UK, broke the news of Barcelona’s special El Clasico kits.

Fans have reacted negatively, calling it “embarrassing,” “the worst uniform I’ve ever seen,” and “Barcelona must have needed the money.”

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