‘Why did Mateus slam Kim Min-jae’…Germany also questionable criticism, “He’s doing really well…”

A growing number of people are shaking their heads at the criticism of Lothar Matthaeus towards Kim Min-jae.

Germany’s ‘Bavarian Football’, which covers Bayern Munich news, reported on the 15th (KST), “Thomas Tuchel is using Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano as his main center back combination.

Luca Hernandez has left and Matthias der Licht is injured. We tried to sign Jerome Boateng, but it didn’t work out.

Upamecano is also out with an injury,” he said of the Munich defense.

“Kim Min-jae will be the only mainstay of the Munich defense.

But we don’t have to worry.

He is improving every week. Director of football Christoph Proint confirmed this.

“The Napoli signing is developing into an invaluable player for Munich.

Off the pitch, he has a great personality.

He is getting better and better and is a good person who is completely focused on football, training and work. 카지노사이트777

Munich is lucky to have him,” he said.

On Mateusz’s criticism of Kim Min-jae.

Munich and Germany legend Matthäus took aim at the Munich defense on Germany’s Sky Sports, saying, “Kim Min-jae is not as good as we expected.

He is an element of uncertainty for Munich.

He’s used to playing a different way of soccer than we do.

It’s not a negative that we signed him, but he needs to get used to the Bundesliga.

He was really good in Italy, but he’s not living up to expectations.”

Since Mateusz’s criticism, Kim has been at his best defensively.

In the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Copenhagen, Kim made five clears, one shot block, three interceptions, one tackle, 50% ground clearance (2 attempts – 1 successful), and 71% aerial clearance (7 attempts – 5 successful).

Under his feet, he was also excellent. 92% pass success (99 attempts – 91 successful), 67% long ball success (12 attempts – 8 successful), and 1 key pass.

The heatmap shows that he covered a wide area from the doorway to the halfway line.

Against Freiburg, Kim Min-jae showed an incredible defensive performance. Just as impressive as his defense was his buildup.

Kim had 180 touches of the ball, a 92% passing success rate, 2 successful long passes (7 attempts), and 1 key pass.

After the game, soccer statistics outlet OPTA highlighted Kim’s buildup skills. “Kim made 171 passes against Freiburg.

This is the most passes in a single Bundesliga game since Aleksandar Dragovic made 178 against Düsseldorf in February 2019 for Leverkusen.”

In the buildup from the back, it was Kim Min-jae who was the center of attention, making most of the forward passes to open the attack.

His defense was also excellent.

He had three interceptions, two tackles, and a 100% success rate in winning aerial balls (8 attempts, 8 wins).

Thanks to Kim’s performance, Munich kept a clean sheet and maintained a steady flow, harassing Freiburg and eventually earning the win.

With the injury situation in Munich’s defense, as well as his improved performances, Kim Min-jae’s importance is getting better and better.

“He was criticized by Mateusz,” said Bavarian Football.

He said he wasn’t living up to expectations, but internally it’s a completely different feeling.

He’s doing better than Mateusz realizes and has contributed to three of Munich’s four clean sheets.”

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