Its a Finish or counterattack

With the rise of NC, ranked 4th in the regular league, overwhelming SSG, which is ranked 3rd, the third game of the professional baseball semi-playoffs will be held tomorrow (25th).

NC, which has won two games in a row, aimed to end the match with foreign pitcher Tanner, while SSG, on the brink, used left-hander Oh Won-seok as a counterattacking card.

NC swept the 1st and 2nd games by showing the back of the lineup and batting ability. 안전놀이터

SSG was on the verge of elimination due to difficulties in mound management, including Kim Gwang-hyun’s injury and Moon Seung-won’s early exhaustion.

NC’s relatively easy-going starter is left-handed foreign pitcher Tanner.

This is a card presented in the midst of an incident in which the starting pitcher was overturned due to the delayed recovery of top ace Peddie from an elbow injury.

Although he joined in the middle of the season, he had a soft landing and his performance against SSG was not bad, but it was disappointing that he gave up 5 goals in the wild card match against Doosan.

Left-hander Oh Won-seok will play for SSG, which will be eliminated from fall baseball if it loses just one game.

I am recalling the pleasant memory of laying the foundation for the team’s victory with a good pitch in Game 3 of the Korean Series last year.

[Kang In-kwon / NC coach: If possible, I think it would be better to finish in the 3rd game. I will prepare well and prepare to finish in the 3rd game.] [Kim Won-hyung / SSG coach: The starter for the 3rd game is Oh Won-seok, and I will work hard.] Low-


teams Is it NC’s 3-game winning streak rebellion or SSG’s knightly revival?

As the starting pitcher’s shoulders become heavier ahead of Game 3 in Changwon, NC’s home, the concerns of the two teams’ command towers surrounding player management are deepening.

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