Hong Kong Media Reports Controversy over Kim Ga-eun’s

eun Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post heavily reported on the conflict between Korean and Chinese athletes during the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Today (7th) South China Morning Post highlighted the controversy over Kim Ga-eun’s (Samsung Life Insurance) victory ceremony in the women’s badminton team event.

At that time, after China’s He Bingjiao lost to Kim Ga-eun, she looked at the ceiling and made a dejected expression, and she mocked Kim Ga-eun by imitating him. 스포츠토토

Kim Ga-eun reported the video explaining the situation at the time with Chinese subtitles, but also introduced negative reactions from Chinese netizens.

Ga-eun Kim explained, “I didn’t know what gesture He Bing-jao made,” and “It’s unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding due to the edited video.”

However, Chinese netizens still claim that Kim Ga-eun’s behavior was inappropriate, saying, ‘Do you think you will believe that explanation?’ or ‘Eyes and subtle facial expressions cannot lie.’

The media went on to report that “conflicts between Korea and China also occurred in taekwondo and basketball at this event.”

In basketball, it was reported that there was a fight between players from both teams during the men’s quarterfinals between Korea and China, and in taekwondo, the war of nerves between players from the two countries during the finals of the mixed team event was highlighted.

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