“I don’t want to shoot a bull’s-eye, I don’t want to eat bread”: The ‘jinx-routine’ of the AG chiefs

Men’s Archery Kim Woo-jin “Avoid bread, don’t ‘roll’ rice in soup”
Men’s Fencing Kim Jun-ho “If I take a picture, it won’t come off, so I take a picture”
Cut nails-no cut, shave beard-no shave, avoid ‘4’

No athlete wants to leave a mark in a big competition. However, 카지노사이트 nerves can get the best of you in big competitions.

That’s why athletes often avoid certain behaviors, known as “jinxes,” and have their own “routines” to help them perform well.

With the start of the 19th Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games less than a week away, the jinxes and routines of South Korean athletes are in the spotlight. In this article, we’ve compiled a collection of jinxes and routines from the 867 athletes on the Korean national team.

Don’t eat or eat on purpose

There are two main types of pre-competition diets. One avoids certain foods.

“I don’t roll my rice in soup before a competition,” 온라인카지노 said men’s archer Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Government). “I also don’t eat bread because I remember eating bread before a competition in the past and shooting a zero,” he explained. It seems that he is conscious of the connection between food names and competitions.

Men’s fencer Koo Bon-gil

(Korea Sports Promotion Organization) said he doesn’t eat anything on the day of a competition.

The women’s dance sport all-star team (Soul Burns Crew) almost eliminates carbohydrates a week before a competition. However, she has a routine of reintroducing them three to four days before a competition.

On the other hand, there are those who eat certain foods. Women”s shot put athlete Jung Jeong-sun (Ansan City Hall) cuts her workouts in half before a competition. She gets plenty of rest and eats pork belly two days before the competition. She also tries to remember to take her supplements before going to the stadium.

Women’s chess player Kim Sara

(Korea Chess Federation), who became the youngest player to make the national team at age 11, says her father always prepares beef stew for her on the morning of a competition.

Women’s fencer Song Se-ra (Busan Metropolitan Government) eats a bag of thermogenic bento for breakfast before competitions.

Concentrate on equipment and sleep in a certain way, wear equipment in a certain way, and sleep earlier.

For many athletes, the way they wear their equipment is another way to prepare themselves before a game.

There is one athlete who has a particular preference for the left side. Women’s swimmer Lee Ri-young (Busan Metropolitan Swimming Federation) has a habit of putting her lenses on from the left side. Men’s soccer player Uhm Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai Football Club) puts his tights on from the left side.

In some cases, it’s even more subtle. Women’s basketball player Lee Da-yeon (Shinhan Bank Esbud) has a routine where she ties her taping, ankle brace, and shoelaces from the left.

She also makes sure to re-tie her laces before each game.

Men’s badminton’s Seo Seung-jae

(Samsung Life) re-ties his laces before entering the arena, and women’s badminton’s Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life) follows the same routine to make sure her laces are not twisted before a match.

Women’s softball player Bae Yoo-ga

(Gyeongsangnam-do Athletics) prepares her gloves, protectors, and mittens with something nice that she likes.

Another type of athlete makes sure to get a good night’s sleep before the game so they’re ready for the day.

Women’s breaker Kwon Sung-hee

Adjusts her sleep pattern to ensure she gets around seven and a half hours of sleep a night to feel her best the day before a competition.

Women’s chess player Seo Ji-won

(Korea Chess Federation) also sleeps earlier than usual the day before a match.

Women’s basketball’s Kim Dan-bi (Woori WON) and men’s basketball’s Lee Seung-hyun (KCC Aegis) agree that they get plenty of sleep for their competitions.

Other types take photos, step on the stadium line, and avoid the “4

Others go to great lengths to relieve nerves or prevent jinxes.

Men’s fencer Kim Jun-ho

(Hwaseong City Hall) said, “I used to not take pictures before a match because it didn’t go well, but now I take pictures to break the jinx, so it’s become my routine to take pictures.”

Men’s soccer player Lee Jae-ik

(Seoul Eland FC) enters the stadium without stepping on the line, but if he loses a match without stepping on the line, he intentionally steps on the line in the next match.

Men’s archer Kim Woo-jin and women’s krash player Lee Ye-ju (Korea Krash Federation) try to avoid writing or seeing the number “4”. She takes exactly seven deep breaths right before a competition.

Men’s canoeist Cho Kwang-hee

(Ulsan Metropolitan City), women’s fencer Choi Se-bin (Jeonnam-do), women’s modern pentathlete Kim Sun-woo (Gyeonggi-do) and men’s rower Kim Dong-yong (Jinju City) cut their nails before competing. In contrast, men’s triathlete Kim Ji-hwan (Jeonbuk Sports Association) does not cut his nails or hair.

Men’s cycling’s Jang Kyung-gu

(Eumseong Guncheong) doesn’t shave his beard a day before a competition, while men’s rugby’s Lee Jin-gyu (Hyundai Globis) shaves on the day of a competition to ensure he’s ready to perform well.

Men’s fencer Kim Jong-hwan

(Korea Sports Promotion Organization) said simply, “I don’t have a jinx or routine.”

More than 12,500 athletes from 45 countries will compete at the Games, which will run for 16 days, 카지노사이트존 from Nov. 23 to Nov. 8. Athletes will compete for a total of 483 gold medals in 61 events across 40 sports.

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