“Last season was the beginning of my career” Woori Bank’s Na Yoon-jeong aims to step up

Na Yun-jung (25, 172 cm) is looking for another step up.

Last season was a special one for Na Yoon-jeong. He averaged 4.2 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 1.0 assists in 27 regular-season games, playing 17 minutes and 43 seconds per game. It was his most minutes on the court since his professional debut in 2016.

Speaking at the Woori Bank Gymnasium in Jangwi-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on Nov. 21, Na said, “I think last season was the beginning of my career. I’ve been playing professionally for a while, but there are a lot of good sisters in the team, so I was pushed out of the competition and didn’t play much. I got my chance last season, and I realized a lot of things while playing. I think I took the first step, and I need to work harder,” she said, reflecting on last season.

Na’s biggest strength is her three-point shot. Last season, she thrived on catch-and-shoots from the perimeter, and now that she’s looking to take another step up, she’s trying to develop other things besides her shot.

“I think opponents know that my shot is not bad. Now I have to work on other things besides my shot. Nowadays, I’m focusing a little more on things other than shooting.” Na said.

After returning from a training camp in Japan in early August, Woori Bank is currently preparing for the Park Shinjoo Cup. However, with Park Hye-jin, Kim Eun-sun, Go Ah-ra, and Lee Myung-kwan on rehabilitation, the team will have to play with eight players, which means Na will be given more playing time.

“I’ve been playing almost full-time at the Park Shinja Cup, so I don’t feel any pressure. It will be hard physically, but I’ve always done it. It would be nice if the sport of basketball had a large number of available players, but our team is currently limited. I don’t think it’s a weakness or a hardship, but it’s up to the remaining players to step up and play.”

Woori Bank has good memories of last year’s Park Shinja Cup, where they finished as runners-up with an eight-man squad. This time around, they are in Group 메이저사이트 A alongside Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, Incheon Shinhan Bank, Toyota Antelopes (Japan), and Bendigo Spirit (Australia).

“This year’s Park Shinjah Cup is unpredictable because all the main players are playing. I’ve participated in the Park Shinja Cup every year, but last year was the first time I had a good result. This year, I’m hoping to do as well as I did with my sisters. The upcoming season is more important, so I will play hard and stay injury-free,” she said.

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