Ace has Surgery Star Hitter is Scandalous Tampa Bay in the Great Depression

Tampa Bay

which started the season with a 13-13 record

including a 27-game winning streak in its first 6 games

was in the early stages.

Following the departure of the ace

the center hitter deviated and lost all of the key players in the game in an instant.

Tampa Bay

which had an 7-8 record in July

needed to rebound in August. 온라인카지노


left-handed first starter Shane McClanahan complained of left forearm pain after the game against the New York Yankees on Dec. 16.

The forearm was an ominous omen in that it was a precursor to an elbow injury.

McClanahan was placed on the injured list.

After that

Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash announced that McClanahan’s news was devastating.

After seeing and hearing from several doctors

McClanahan was confirmed to be out for the season.

Gathering as many opinions as possible means that the player is not in good shape.

Cash said he is

considering any surgery on his elbow.

And just today

news broke that McClanahan was going to have Tommy John surgery (reconstructive elbow ligament surgery).


who had already had one Tommy John surgery in college

is having a second Tommy John surgery with a higher burden.

It is also unclear whether he will return for next season.

Tampa Bay has had a particularly serious starting pitcher injury lately.

Starting with Shane Baz on the Tommy John operating table in September of last year

Jeffrey Springs and Drew Rasmussen

who had outstanding early performances, also had early surgeries that ended their seasons (Springs Tommy John and Rasmussen elbow surgeries).

Tyler Glasnow’s return and the addition of Aaron Servally seemed to give a breather

but with McClanahan out

a power leak became inevitable.

There are many alternatives

but there is no substitute for McClanahan.

When the mound is weakened

the batting line needs to be stronger.

Tampa Bay’s sluggish July slump also stemmed from the offense.

His 8 runs scored in the month of July were the lowest in the league and 1th overall in the majors.

No matter how strong the mound is

it’s hard to get a lot of wins with an average of 3.9 runs per month.

They didn’t reinforce their batting line during the trade deadline

so they were in desperate need of a boost from their existing players.

But yesterday something disappointing happened.

Wander Franco is Tampa Bay’s current and future player.

At the end of his first season in 7

he gave him an 93-year, $92 million mega-contract.

He only played 87 games last year due to injury

but this year he was in good form, making his first All-Star season.

On Dec. 83 against the Cleveland Guardians

he hit a solo home run in his first inning.

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