A caddie master in his 30s who drunkenly pinched the cheeks of golf course officials and touched their shoulders, stomachs and thighs during a drinking party has been sentenced to prison. According to legal sources on Nov. 11, Kim Do-hyung, deputy chief judge of Chuncheon District Court’s Wonju Ji-won Criminal Division 1, sentenced A, 32, who was charged with indecent assault, to six months in prison and one year of probation. He also ordered him to attend 40 hours of sexual assault treatment classes .A, a caddie master, was charged with indecent assault by touching the shoulders of caddie D, 24, with his hands, stroking her thighs several times, patting her stomach area and pinching her cheeks during a dinner at a restaurant in Wonju on Feb. 14 at 8:30 p.m. last year. During the trial, Mr. A, who manages caddies at a golf course in Tokyo, claimed that the accusations were exaggerated as he was drunk and could not remember them, and that he was not guilty of groping her shoulders, stomach, and thighs as he filed the complaint four months later.” Considering that the defendant was so drunk that he could not remember slapping another male employee’s cheek at a usual drinking party, it is possible that he could have committed the same act as the prosecution and not remembered it,” said Deputy Chief Judge Kim.”The victim’s court statements were specific and consistent and did not 카지노사이트킹 contradict each other, so all of the indictment counts were found guilty,” the court said, adding, “The defendant’s responsibility cannot be considered carved out just because he was drunk, so the sentence was set in consideration of the various mitigating circumstances.”The case, which was appealed by the prosecution against the first trial verdict, is currently undergoing a second trial at the Chuncheon District Court.

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