‘Responsible for the Day One debacle’ Heejae is effectively out of basketball

Heo Jae ‘responsible for Day One’ is effectively banned from basketball

‘Basketball President’ Heo Jae, who was largely responsible for the Day One debacle, has been effectively banned from professional basketball. The Korean Basketball League, or KBL, recently handed down a disciplinary action of ‘not allowed to register as a member’ to Heo Jae, the president and owner of Day One, who was expelled from the professional basketball league. As a result, Heo will no longer be able to serve in any professional basketball-related roles, 바카라사이트 such as coaching, club representative, or association official. The KBL expelled Day One, which had been experiencing financial difficulties and had caused several problems, including non-payment of membership fees and wage arrears, through its board of directors on the 16th.

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