Michigan Announces April Sales, Sports Betting Down 22%

The Michigan Game Control Board released a report on total gaming and sports revenues for the month of April. The state generated $195.7 million in total revenue derived from sports betting and iGaming.

But combined revenues from Internet gaming and sports betting adjusted Michigan’s total revenue in April, but totaled $167.9 million.

Total revenue from internet games in April 2023 was $159.4 million, adjusted to $149.3 million. That’s down 7% from March 2023, but up 20% from April 2022.

But that follows a record total of $171.8 million in total revenue from Internet games since March 2023.

The sports betting amount of $36.3 million was adjusted gross receipts of $24.5 million, down 22% from March 2023, but up 47% from April 2022.

The total amount in April decreased by 20.8% compared to the total Internet sports betting handle of $404.7 million recorded in March 2023.

During the month, operators reported $31 million in taxes and payments to Michigan, consisting of $29.4 million in Internet game taxes and $1.6 million in Internet game taxes.

Tribal operators in Michigan reported in April that $3.6 million was paid to related management agencies.

Of Michigan’s Internet Game Fund, $500,000 will be donated to the Compulsive Game Prevention Fund and $2 million will be donated to the Initial Responder Estimation Guarantee Fund.

The remaining balance will be paid to the Student Aid Fund at the end of the fiscal year.

Yesterday, Evolution announced that it will release live crab games in Michigan after releasing them in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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