Lee Soon Min’s AT Madrid showtime.

The Midsummer Night’s Soccer show was hot, with some brilliant attacking football from world-class stars like Griezmann and Morata.

Atletico Madrid came back to take the lead in the dying minutes of the second half, but Team K-League came from behind.

Following Palocevic’s 2-2, tying penalty kick, the last gasp came from the toes of rapper-soccer player Lee Sun-min just before the end.

“Goodbye” chants rang out from the stands as the thrilling theater goal showed the power of the K League.

Lee Soon-min, who has even released an album under the name “MC WERE,” enjoyed the victory by showing off his rapping skills.

[Lee Soon-min/MC WERO: “Wanting happiness is like a contradiction. If you want it, you can have it. It’s always by my side, and what’s important is that I still feel the same way even after those days of mindless confusion.”]

Atletico Madrid ace Griezmann, who mesmerized fans with his high-level skills, also thanked the 58,000 Korean fans for their warm hospitality.

[Griezmann/Atletico Madrid: “I’m so grateful to those who came to the stadium and also to those who watched at home on TV. Thank you for all the love and affection you’ve shown me while I’ve been here.”]

A thrilling come-from-behind victory over a world-class team, 카지노사이트킴 coupled with some fiery fan service, was enough to beat the heat.

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