‘First Day on the Job’ Undersecretary Roseanne “Will Live Up to Expectations and More”

‘First day on the job’ Deputy Minister Jang Jang-ran: “I will respond beyond your concerns”

Jang Jang-ran, Vice Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, has started her first day of work. The vice minister says she is overwhelmed by the enormous task ahead of her, but she hopes to surpass the concerns of some. Reporter Lee Seung-guk. For the first time since her appointment, Vice Minister Jang Jang-ran appeared at the Sejong Building, home to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. After being welcomed by the staff, Vice Minister Jang admitted that she felt overwhelmed by the high expectations around her, but asked for time and patience.”I feel a lot of pressure because I have been entrusted with a huge task, but I will do my best to go above and beyond.”She also opened up about the mixed reviews and criticism she has received.”I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll have to work harder, I’ll have to respond to your concerns and go above and beyond.'” Earlier, Democratic Party lawmaker Ahn Min-seok claimed, “In the past, when the nation was buzzing about the ‘Me Too’ allegations against Shim Seok-hee and the death of Choi Sook-hyun, Vice Minister Jang remained silent,” adding, “She made no effort to realize fairness in the sports world.”Having received her appointment letter from President Yun Suk-yeol a day earlier, Jang began her term by receiving a briefing on her department’s work. Jang, who is in charge of policy promotion and sports and tourism, said in a statement shortly after her appointment last week, “I will do my best to ensure that the national philosophy of the Yoon administration is realized in sports and tourism policies.”

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